Breast augmentation for Pigeon chest

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Pectus Carinatum Breast augmentation Surgery 

I have personally analyzed statistically that there are about 12~16% of those with Pigeon chest. This is rather a common form of chest cage.

pigeon chest

Pigeon chest is when the chest cage is roundly shaped by ribs, and breastbones. We call pigeon chest medically pectus carinatum.

The shape is formed because costal cartilage and breastbone stick outwards. A bad case of pigeon chest comes with scoliosis but there is almost no case where pigeon chest leads to respiratory problems and therefore, this is not a type of illness.

I use the term pigeon chest on a situation where the middle part of the chest sticks outwards and does not look pretty or good physically. Of course, there are many with pigeon chest who receive a breast augmentation surgery.

In most cases of pigeon chests, there are situations where the breasts look far apart from one another. This is due to the location of the nipples that are far apart.
Also, if the upper body sticks out, there the breast augmentation surgery does not lead to a natural look but there might be a bad case of bad looking upper block.

Difference between normal chest and pigeon chest

So, we mostly recommend water drop shaped implant for the pigeon chest breast augmentation. This is more effective for the upper block. Also, it is not good to use a large volume implant. There is a high pressure on the mid part of the chest, therefore, physically there would be more pressure on the chest if the implant is larger therefore, causing a push outwards, making the breasts look even more far apart.

Therefore, you need to be more conservative in selecting the implant size and to select water drop shaped implant.

Breast augmentation for Pigeon chest

There are cases where the chest from top to bottom comes out for where only the upper part sticks out in pigeon chests.

In the former case, the breasts look far apart, and most of the patients who come in for an consultation know that they have pigeon chests.

For the latter, the breasts do not look wide apart, and there are many of those who do not know that they have pigeon chests. If a surgeon is unaware of the bird chest and just conducts the breast augmentation surgery with normal sizing and implant, then there might be a bad upper block on the chest.

Side view of the chest with exposed breastbone/costal cartilage 

More effective to use water drop implant to prevent up block

So there are at times when I have difficulties when consulting. The chest look different from a normal person but this is not something abnormal. This is just s characteristics of the chest. This is something similar to a nose surgery. Your nose might be a little closed or lifted. The surgeon must select the type of the implant according to the type of the chest and decide on the surgical procedure. However, if the patient does not accept the characteristics of her chest and accept it, then we might have difficulties in proceeding with the breast augmentation surgery.

I talked about percentage earlier on, but there are many of those who have costal cartilage and breast bone that stick out. This is not something abnormal. It is important to plan out the breast augmentation surgery according to the shape of the chest to have most effective results.

Before & after breast augmentation surgery
Before & after breast augmentation surgery
Before & after breast augmentation surgery

This is for today. I hope you understood the contents. Have a nice week.
Thank you very much.

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