Curved line(Barbie doll) nose job is similar to wearing high heels

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Today, I would like to share about a few things that came into my mind when doing a rhinoplasty. First, I would like to share a though, “curved line (known as barbie doll nose job) nose job is similar to wearing high heels.”

Why do you wear high heels?
 "High heel was invented by a woman who got kissed on her forehead.” (Christopher Molley)???

Very common answers to why women wear high heels could be that they want to look taller, or they want to have their legs look pretty. A body changes according to whether the woman wears high heels or not.

Second might be because of pride. All women want to look arrogant and proud. All women try high heels at least once. It is difficult to express exactly, but women have sense of superiority when wearing high heels.

The bottom layer of the high heel that touches the ground is very little, and people want to be at a higher place than others. There is a little danger when wearing high heels, but women feel beauty from the heels as well.

Third is that the curves on the high heels attract women. High heels look most sophisticated from all the products that are laid out in the shopping malls.

There is another reason to why women choose high heels. People do not know this but there is one important reason.

Other women, too, wear high heels!

For example, if your friend wears 10cm high heels and your wear flats, do you think you can walk side by side with that friend? (ㅠ_ㅠ)

In Korea, where sociality is strong, you might not want to be the only one wearing flats. This is virtually impossible.

Anyway, high heels can be a source of pride to those women who want to look edgy.

Then why curved line nose?

Now, let’s talk about nose (high nose). If we refer to beauty surgery textbooks, most women want to escape from psychological stress by having a nose job done.
Why do you want curved line(barbie doll) nose? The answer to this question is the same as those for the high heels.

First, high nose makes the face look smaller and solid. This solid looking nose makes the face look thinner although you have a wide face. This is same as when a woman wears 10cm high heels and looks like she has long legs and good body.

Second, high nose makes you look arrogant and proud. The part of the high heel that touches the ground is very small, and so does the curved line nose that points up high. Historians say that if Cleopatra had smaller nose, the history would be changed. Also, when we say that someone has much pride, we say that the person is “hard (high) nosed.”
Curved line nose can be an expression of a woman’s pride as well.

Third, it is figuratively most beautiful. The curves on the nose makes a woman look beautiful.

But, Rhinoplasty is supposed to solve problem on the nose, and is a high technique measure to make the nose high or low so that it is in harmony with the rest of the face.

“Curved line or barbie doll nose” is a simple term to express the shape of the nose and cannot be an answer to everything.

If you are wearing shoes and if your feet feel pain or uncomfortable, you can take off your shoes, but this is not the case for the nose.
Curved line nose just refer to the nose tip. It does not define what a beautiful looking nose is.
This, too, is not the answer for pretty looking nose.

When facing from the front, 
you should be able to see the width of the nose and the nose holes.
Dorsum – Degree that forms the philtrum
Shape of the nose holes
Width at the side of the nose
Height on the middle of the forehead
Reducing hump and deviated nose
Matching forehead and nose (height)
Matching lips and nose tip

All these are important. A nose is a three dimensional figure and can look natural or unnatural on your face.

There was a Korean drama, “On-Air”, televised few years ago, and the main actor said the following to the main actress;
"You think you are popular since many people recognize you, right? You think that you are highly popular. But the only thing that is high is your high feels.”

The main actress in the drama has a character that is in danger, and is really excited. The author must have compared the character to high heels.

I have compared high and proud looking nose to high heels. Although curved line nose is popular, I do not recommend this to everyone. Just like any other beauty surgery, rhinoplasty procedure is applied according to different type of noses.

This is all for today. Take care and thank you for reading.

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