Composite breast augmentation for separated breast

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Solving "separated breast" deformity on thin women with composite breast augmentation

Today, I would like to introduce a thesis on the fat transplantation in between the breasts, especially for the thin patients.

The article is from a renown magazine, Plastic and reconstructive Surgery 135. April version. It is written by Francisco Bravo from Madrid, Spain. The name of the thesis is “Parasternal Infiltration Composite Breast Augmentation”. (You can think of this as solving the separated breast deformity of thin patients)

There were many others before Dr. Bravo, who conducted composite breast augmentation that requires using an implant along with fat transplantation.

The thinner you are, your breasts would look unnatural if you use larger implant than that is appropriate, and therefore, one uses fat as a covering tissue to make the breasts look natural.

But there is a limitation in such a method. It would be difficult to get sufficient amount of fat from a thin patient. Also the fat cannot be engrafted properly on to the implant therefore; the outcome is rather disappointing to many.

The characteristic of Dr. Bravo’s research is that you transplant fat between the breasts of a thin patient making the upper body look more beautiful.

This process does not require much fat and solve is judged to be helpful in providing solution to the ‘separated breast deformity’ of thin patients after their breast augmentation with the implants.

Fat transplantation cannot be a substitute of the implants but is helpful for the implant outline or the contour. This is more applicable to re-correction patients and thin patients.

The original breasts are important for the shape of the breasts with the implants.
Those thin patients with thin soft tissue on the breast bones complain about one being able to see the edges of the implants.

The patients think that their breasts have been “separated” far apart in such case.
But the fat transplantation  on the edges of the implants make the breasts look more natural and less separated apart.

We can see the improved results from the experiment done on the 2 groups; one with just implant and the other with implant + fat transplantation.

The amount of fat used was about 6-~140cc , an average of 117 cc, which is rather less that the amount that we usually use, 300~500cc. The fat is transplanted just under the skin.

The fat transplantation was done through the breastbone line.

I have used this method many times before, and there are other doctors who have used this method as well. But I believe that Dr. Bravo is the first person who announced such structured thesis.

Here is the summary.
Fat transplantation cannot solve all the problems that thin patients have with the breast augmentation. However, fat transplantation can be a solution to the separated breast deformity.

Thank you very much for reading.

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