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Anesthesia for Breast augmentation

This is a frequently asked question. Today, I will answer this question through this post and also share some wrong information that some advertisements state about the breast surgery.

The difference about the breast augmentation and other surgeries is that breast augmentation requires a large substance to be put inside the body.
The important factor here is that, this large substance should not cause any discomfort on the body and that there should be no side effects also.
Therefore, it is very important that there is absolutely no problem while doing the breast augmentation.

Important factors to consider in breast surgery
1. The form of the breast must be stable for a long period
2. Implant should not have any influence on the original breast tissue
3. 24 hour recovery system, i.e. the patient must be able to recover within 24 hours (Quick recovery = Low possibility of side effects)
4. There should not be any bleeding or damage on the tissue
5.There should be semi-permanent stability / harmony of the implant and the breast tissue

I was really surprised at what I found on the internet about breast surgery. I found marketing statements as the ones listed below. Many of these surprised me. Here are a few.

Others apply general anesthesia, we apply local anesthesia
- When we refer to the textbooks of breast surgery, there is no recording that IV sedation has quicker recovery time than the general anesthesia
- Some might be quick to think that conscious sedation may lead to a quicker recovery, but this is not true. If you have breathing problems, or others that may danger your life, there is no way to solve these problems
-  An experienced surgeon can have the patient leave the hospital after 2 hours of the surgery although the surgeon has applied the general anesthesia
- Using conscious sedation as a marketing source to attract the patients is wrong and dangerous activity

Other hospitals cause 5cm incision but we only cause 3.5, therefore, the scar is very small
- An implant is pushed through a small hole and it needs to remain there for decades maintaining its form and shape. Size of the incision cannot be appealing marketing information
- The possibility of damage, breaking, contracting of the implant is higher than normal. For example if the implant is about 275cc and this goes through 11~12cm inlet. The small inlet might cause the implant to lose its shape inside the body.
- If a hospital wants to appeal that the incision size is 3.5cm or less, then it must also provide research data of MRI or ultrasound that an implant put through this small inlet has no problem for 10 years or more. Just using this advertising message is not appropriate for the patients in the long term.

We has our special technique that makes your breasts larger than 300cc
- This is absolutely false. The size of the implant is decided by the patient and also the size should not cause harm to the original breast size and shape. It is wrong to say that a surgeon will just make the breasts bigger.

I really hope that such marketing activities by the hospitals are avoided in the future.

Here are additional details about the anesthesia.

In plastic surgery, we use the general anesthesia that has muscle relaxant and other anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain in the muscles. This is done through using anesthetic gas and oxygen put into the respiratory system.
Conscious sedation uses sedative, pain killers such as propofol. This does not relax the muscle so the patient may be able to move about during the surgery.

The reason why we use general anesthesia for the breast surgery is so that the breast muscle has no movement that may cause harm on the breast tissue or discomfort on the patient.

If you have conscious sedation, your muscles (i.e. pectoral muscle) might move without any intention causing tissue harm and inaccurate desquamation causing delay on recovery and bad outcome.

One must apply general anesthesia when doing the breast surgery.

Conscious sedation does not lead to quicker recovery but instead, a long one. Also, conscious sedation is more dangerous and has higher possibility of causing problems.

Anesthesia is very important to a surgery. Today we looked at various anesthesia methods and some problem associated.
Breast surgery cannot be corrected like eye/nose surgery.


I hope you will be able to get accurate information in deciding what is right for you. This is all for today.

Have a great day.

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