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How to get a pretty nose  - asian rhinoplasty Korea

I am sure that there are many ladies who want to make their nose look pretty.
I would like to discuss about the “Mona Lisa line (Dorsal aesthetic line)” of the nose.

How to get a pretty nose job - asian rhinoplasty Korea

There are few questions that a lot of the patients ask.
How big silicone do I need?
Do you use septum, ear, or costal, here?

It is difficult to plan out the nose surgery while answering the questions above. Our nose is 3D therefore, it is difficult to answer one dimensional questions such as how high should the nose be or if it is Barbie doll(Curved line) nose job?
One must look at the nose in 3 dimension and design accordingly. Silicone and cartilage are used, and one must consider the side line and other dimensions as well.

Before and after nose job - asian rhinoplasty Korea

People look at the nose from 45 degree angle, from the front and from other various angles. Barbie doll(Curved line) nose job does not give full explanation in 3 dimensional aspect.

As I have stated below, I refer to the Mona Lisa line (Dorsal aesthetic line) at first. The core purpose of the nose surgery is to make the nose contour or line very clear and smooth.

Ideal dorsal aesthetic lines run smoothly from the brow to the tip of the nose

If you want a pretty looking nose, then you need the Mona Lisa line. All pretty people have this Mona Lisa line (Dorsal aesthetic line) on the noses.

But there is one thing that you need to remember. The nose starts from the eyebrows and downwards. Also, the nose tip needs to be aligned with the lips

If I have low forehead, then I cannot make the bridge thick.
If I have protruded lip then I need to have my nose higher than it is.

Therefore, I personally think that the nose surgery needs to “balance all the dimension of the face.” Many think that the nose job surgery is something artistic like sculpture or something similar, but I see it as something similar to architecture instead.

There must be a balance, harmony with the surrounding environment, and it cannot lose its structure. These all seem more like architecture.

Thank you for reading.

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