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Idea behind structural nose surgery:

Nose surgery does not only mean that you can make the nose higher or longer.
One must know the structure and anatomical situation of the nose and change accordingly in order to result in long maintenance of the new nose without any side effects.

This is the most important point of the structural nose surgery.

The most concerning part about the nose surgery is that many are worried about the nose looking ‘fake’. Also many are worried that things may go wrong somehow.

If you want to avoid the feeling that your nose is fake, or want to avoid any future problems such as inflammation or contraction (nose becoming smaller), then there is one very reliable method.

Do not damage your original nose structure. Just use the skin for the surgery.

About silicone:  
It is true that the silicone most instantly and quickly makes the nose shape into what the patient wants. The price is relatively cheap and it is easy to make into the shape necessary. If you design it properly with clear lines and shape, there would be good results after the surgery.

But the problems rise few years after the surgery.
However, this does not happen to all the patients.
Many patients suffer change, contraction, inflammation, etc after a few years.
Reconstruction is even worse.

Silicone does not mix with the body therefore thick walls are formed around the implant.
We call this capsule. If the capsule does not cause any problem, then it is fine. However, this is not always the case.
If there is a severe case of capsule on one side only, then the implant would change its location. The implant moves to the weaker side and with time, the nose changes shape as well.

If there is a capsular contracture, the tissue at the tip of the nose gets pulled in and the nose becomes shorter.
If there are some substances around the silicone, these substances do not dissolve and stay around leading to inflammation and infection.
These are some problems of using silicone implant.

If the implant stays in the body for a long time, the cover tissue or skin that surrounds the implant suffers resistance from the implant and becomes thinner.

The skin tends to age and the skin tissue suffers difficulty in blood circulation becoming thinner. In the long run, you will be able to see the two end margin of the silicone that is shaped as “11” (margin visibility).

Therefore, it is more effective to use your own skin tissue for the reconstruction in the nose surgery.
The goal of nose surgery that everyone wants:
No fake looking nose,
Avoiding horrendous side effects
Can be achieved when taking your skin tissue and improving the body through anatomical and structural approach. This is what we call structural nose surgery.

Some methods of structural nose surgery: 

If you divide the nose at large, there would be a case where the bone is low (root of the nose ~ nasal ridge) and where the cartilage is low (nasal ridge ~ nose tip). Most Koreans have both these problems as they want the nose surgery.

 I would like to share an example of a good method on how the surgery can be conducted.

The shape and the height of the nose tip is controlled by using ear cartilage or the nasal septum cartilage.

Artificial skin, artificial bone, and donated cartilage all have their limitations and there are concerns of inflammation, the all these can be sucked in and stuck out.
There are many different methods but the simplest one is to use the ear cartilage and put it on top of the nose wing cartilage.

If you are a patient with thick skin and need to put the nose up high, then we use the nasal septum cartilage and place it on top of the nose wing cartilage making the nose tip stronger.

Nose surgery requires using own cartilage to come up with the best possible result.
Second method is to use anything to place it on top of the nose root ~ nose ridge area. The doctors are often tempted to use silicone or gore-tex implant.

However, this is not a structural surgery but a structure destroying surgery. I think that it is best to limit the usage of implants when possible (unless it is definitely necessary).
If you put silicone or Gore-Tex, it would push down the structure making it difficult for you to breath and might end up with some unexpected results in the long term.

It could be a good idea to use polyamide and liquid formed aqua filling filler or hydroxyapatite for the first nose surgery. The surgery time would be extremely short and if you do not like the result, we can correct it or even melt the substance.
This would be mostly impossible to do for the reconstruction.

One can use the fat between the buttocks and thigh to make the nose root ~ nose ridge part higher.
The nose skin that has become thin due to the silicone and the lower part of the nose bone after the removal of the silicone would not look good for the nose shape.

But using the silicone again to fill up this space will make the nose thinner and hollowed out.
If you use your own thick skin, you can supplement on the skin loss and also reduce the concern of the bone hollowing.
If the nose is severely changed in share, costal cartilage is used for the reconstruction surgery.

Structural nose surgery is not hurting the face structure or the nose organization but positively improving the looks. This approach would lead to best long term results and also reduce the possibility of reconstruction surgery.

Let’s summarize the structural nose surgery algorithm.

Thank you very much.

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