Breast cosmetic surgery for those in 50’s ~ 60’s

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Q. How is the breast cosmetic surgery for those in 50’s ~ 60’s different?

A. It is difficult to say that those in 50’s~60’s are old these days. Our society is becoming elderly and there are many who are in the 90’s.

Today, I would like to share about the breast cosmetic surgery for those in 50’s ~ 60’s that many are interested about. There aren’t much information in this area even on the internet.

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It is difficult to say that there are much difference for those in the 50’s~60’s and those in 2-‘s~30’s. But, as a doctor, I need to be aware of few things.

1. Thinning and loss of skin, breast elasticity 

As the skin gets older, it loses elasticity related components such as elastane. Also the skin becomes thinner leading to loss of volume in subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, the main focus of the breast cosmetic surgery is if one can regain the breast elasticity with the implant whether it is your first time getting a breast surgery at an old age, or you lost volume in the original implants due to old age.

It is same as saying that you want to wear a dress that is many decades old. But, this dress stretches down a lot. In order to make it more fixable, you take it to a tailor to make the dress fitting to you.

However, the first breast augmentation is not like tailoring the dress but adding more fat to your body to make the clothes more fitting.

For such reasons, the implant needs to provide enough elasticity and stickiness.
The implant need to provide anti-aging effect on the breast skin.

2. Sagging breast and change in the location of the nipples

The skin tissue becomes thinner as you age. This can be easily noticed on the breasts.
Cohesive gel implants are half-solid, therefore has a lot of liquidity. So, if you stand up the implant, the gel centers at the bottom making the upper part wrinkly.

The less wrinkly the upper part is, it fills up the volume better on the upper breast. We call such product to be stabled in shaped, therefore, form-stable implant. If you use an implant that is not form-stable, then the upper part of the breast would lose volume and the implant sagging down. You will not be able to fix the shape of your breasts.

The 1 and 2 contents above are to summarize that the implant used in the breast augmentation is to fill up the volume in the upper part of the breasts and to strengthen the breast elasticity.

3. Weakening of cardio pulmonary function and other various organs

As you get old, you might have weakened heart or any other organs due to the general anesthesia that is required for the breast augmentation.
If you have a severe respiratory problem, you might not be able to get the breast augmentation due to breathing problem.

If you have liver problems, then you will not be able to take anti-biotics, and other anesthesia medication because your body have not be able to respond normally.
So it you have decided to get the breast augmentation, then you need to get examination to determine that you can resist the anesthesia and other medication and have a healthy body.

If you have diabetes and are controlling your blood sugar level properly, there would be no problem with getting the breast augmentation.

Those with asthma would need to be at a good form so that they do not get asthma attack in order to get the breast augmentation.

If you have a high blood pressure but your body is healthy and the blood pressure is controllable, you can get the breast augmentation.

4. Complications

There is no evidence that aged patients are more likely to suffer capsular contracture or inflammation.

In theory, there are few side effects or complications that aged patients suffer more than the younger ones; able to feel the implant, able to see the border lines of the implant, and thinning of the breast skin, etc

Most of those patients in their 50’s ask me if they can get the breast augmentation at an old age that their husbands might criticize them, and they are shy that they have come to see the doctor for the breast augmentation.

However, I think that the age is not a problem when it comes to a woman wanting to look more beautiful. It is wrong to think that those in 20’s can use cosmetics and get beauty surgeries but those in 70’s cannot.

Today, we looked at the problems and concerns of those patients in 50’s~60’s wanting to get breast augmentation.
Thank you for reading.

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