Sagging breasts after breastfeeding

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Sagging breasts: Inevitable after breast-feeding?

"My breasts.. were a little sagging.. but they became worse after breast feeding my second child. My breasts became wrinkled. My friends were amazed at what they saw and they wanted to touch my breasts. They say that they will never breast feed their children. I didn’t know that this would happen because I didn’t breast feed my first child but after breast feeding my second child, my breasts have become like that of an old woman. "

This is a content written by a housewife in an internet community. This was something that I could not neglect. It is sad to know that one needs to give up beauty for pregnancy and breast feeding.

But there is something unscientific here. It’s not just the content but there are many who think similarly. As a cosmetic surgeon, I would like to point this out. Sagging breasts are closely related to pregnancy but it is not related to breast feeding.
Of course, I have medical reasoning behind.

In conclusion, breast feeding does not lead to sagging breasts therefore, you can relax and carry on with breast feeding

I would like to refer to a research conducted by Dr. Brian Rinker from Kentucky University, USA.

The research was conducted on 134 patients with sagging breasts. The research covered various factors such as age, weight change, high BMI (body mass index), bra size, number of times begin pregnant, smoking, breast feeding, weight increase while pregnant, regular exercise, etc.

The factors that lead to sagging breasts are
1) Age
2) Smoking
3) Sudden loss of weight (20 kg or more)
4) Obesity
5) Large sized original breasts
6) Number of pregnancy

Factors that do not influence sagging breasts are

1) Breast feeding
2) Increase in weight during pregnancy
3) Not exercising upper body

The surprising fact here is that the breast feeding is not a factor that leads to sagging breasts. Also, a common happening of increase weight during pregnancy does not make your breasts look bad.

Upper body exercise that a lot of fitness trainers recommend, also does not help out prevent the sagging breasts.

Pregnancy can lead to sagging breasts, so if you get pregnant number of times, this might worsen the sagging breasts. However the breast feeding does not. Breast feeding does not have any influence on how your breasts shape.
This research needs more work in the future, but it is defining that the result shows that breast feeding does not have any relations with sagging breasts.
There is no scientific fact that sagging breasts and breast feeding are related to one another. We call this superstition. It’s like saying that there is a goblin on that mountain that moves around the hills whenever it rains.

Another problem is that fashion or fitness related websites or magazine advertisements show contents that have absolutely no relationship with the cause, prevention, and treatment of sagging breasts. There are contents such as some healthy food, exercise, or a certain type of clothing help improve on sagging breasts.
This is kind of funny.

Breast tissue are close to Cooper’s ligament. It is not closely stuck to the pectoral muscle. Exercising in a fitness center does not help improve the breast tissue. Also fitness training contracts the muscles often therefore making the fibrous tissue larger. The training does no pull up the muscles. It is same as saying that if a person uses his face muscles a lot such as smiling a lot, then he should not have any wrinkles.
There is no scientific fact that sagging breasts can be improved with exercises. I do not want my patients to believe something like this as a doctor.

It is not good to gain and lose weight frequently. If you lose weight all of a sudden, you will lose much energy and your breasts will fall down as well. Sudden change is weight is not good for you.

There must be some genetic reasons as well for the sagging breasts. Age or the large size of the original breasts are some factors that you cannot control
But there are factors such as smoking, sudden weight change, obesity and others that you can control.

In 2003, 32.8% of women breast feeded their babies in US. There is not much difference in Korea.

There was a survey for the high school girls in Italy and 30% of these students though the breast feeding leads to sagging breasts.

There were survey result in Dominican Republic in which the mothers stopped breast feeding quickly because they thought that their breasts looked weird or abnormal because of it.

Breast feeding is a great source of health for the babies. There needs to be more women who breast feed their children. There is no scientific proof that breast leading badly influence the shape of your breasts.

Sagging breasts after pregnancy and giving birth can be solved with simple cosmetic surgery.

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Breast augmentation Before & After

You need to quit smoking, not lose weight suddenly, and control so that you do not become obese. These are things that you can control. But you do not need to control breast feeding. As of what we know today, breast feeding does not have any effect on sagging breasts.

All mothers are beautiful. Breast feeding mothers are more beautiful.

This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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