Breast revision surgery - Implants rupture

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Revision of anatomical breast augmentation _ Implant collapse

Today I would like to continue on the breast revision due to implant collapse.
What are the chances that the cohesive gel implant would collapse?
What causes the implant collapse?
How can you know the there is an implant collapse?
What do I need to do in such case?

Cohesive gel implant does not collapse even if a 5 ton truck goes over it. There are soft substance inside that makes the implant itself very flexible. The stimulant such as pressure, accident, and impact cannot cause the implant collapse.

But the product can still break down or collapse. It is very rare to see a cohesive gel implant break down. I have not seen any case like that on a cohesive gel.
It’s sad that there is no gathered date on the collapse rate of cohesive gel implants of different companies.

If a saline bag type implant collapses, it starts to leak quickly. The saline liquid leaks out therefore, the implant constracts and becomes simiilar to a ballon that lost air. The shape of the breast changes quickly and others would be able to notice it.
But, one cannot identify that easily with the silicone gel implant.

The inner substance leaks very slowly. It may take years for you to notice that something is not right.
If there is a leakage, most of the inner susbtances from the cohesive gel silicone implant reamin near the epithelium.
There is no evidence or proof that this leaked substance from the silicone causes damage or harm on the body. So you do not need to be worried if there is a silicone gel implant leakage.

You would need to take a MRI in order to know if there is an implant collapse or not. If you think that the new breasts are shaping differently, then you could be suspicious about the implant collapse.
It is not like the busting tire but air leakage through a small hole. “Cohesive” means sticky therefore, this highly dense substance do not leak easily through the hold and even can maintain its original shape.

Most of the reasons for implant collapse are due to the insertion of the implant during the surgery. The implant may be a defect but the status of the implant is checked byt the doctors before the insertion. So this is not likely. The implant collapse happens as this large implant gets squeezed in into a small insertion hole. If you are concerned about safety the, inframammary fold incision is the best approach.

Side effects likely to happen right after the breast augmentation 
are bleeding and inflammation.
Side effects that you can recognize after some time, 
are capsular contracture and problem with the feeling of touch.
But (cohesive gel implant) implant collapse, breakage, 
leakage take very long time, even years, for 
the patient to recognize that there is a problem.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a safe implant and secure breast augmentation procedure when using the implants that will be in your body for a life time. This surgery can lead to a very long period of complications.

If you are confirmed by the MRI that there is an implant collapse, the best thing you can do is to remove the collapsed implant. This removal is done usually through the inframammary fold approach. You need to move not only the implant but also the leaked substance therefore, you need good visibility.

Today, we reviewed on the cohesive gel implant collapse and breakage.
In conclusion, the fifthe generation cohesive gel implants that have been sold in the market since 2007 have very low incidence rate of collapse, breakage and leakage. If there is a collapse, there would be very low possibility of leaked substance harming the body.

But there are any complications such as capsular contracture that you could be worried about. This is not something that you should take lightly when deciding on the cohesive gel implant breast augmentation. You would need to get this surgery from a highly experienced surgeon who would take care of the safety as well.

Have a great day. Thank you.

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