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Breast revision surgery - What You Should Know

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I would like to share about things to consider in #breastrevision surgery

1. Is the revision surgery really necessary?

2. Can the problem be solved?

3. Have you done enough to prevent the recurrence from happening?.

4. Should the implant be replaced?

5. Is there enough communication between the patient and the doctor?

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

Let’s go into the details, one by one.

1. Is the revision surgery really necessary?

 In case of capsular contracture, the first thing you need to decide is if the capsular contracture is one that needs correction. You need to be very subjective in this case.
"Doctor, I think that my breast became hard." This is not enough to do the revision surgery.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

Capsular contracture is caused when the body reacts to the outer substances by twisting and contracting. I think that we need to differentiate between the tightness and the hardness.

In the early stages after the surgery, the tightness in your breasts feels like when you are wearing a tight pair of clothes. The clothes needs to cover that fat that you have gained therefore you will feel a little tight. But if you wear that clothes for a long time, the clothes itself would stretch out. When that clothes become loose, you will feel comfortable.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

The same applies for breast implant. At first, it feels tight and hard. The duration of this process differs from one person to another.
This is why the doctor’s judgement on the condition of the patient is very important.
As such we need to answer the following questions to move on further.

“Is it ok for the patient if she does not get the revision surgery”
“What would happen to her if she does not the breast revision surgery?”
“Will she get better? Or worse?”
“Will the revision surgery make her feel better?”
“What is the recurrence rate after the revision surgery?”

Such questions need to be answered with experience and subjective reasoning. This is not easy.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

2. Can the problem be solved? 

If the problem is with the capsular contracture, then you should only fix the capsular contracture problem. Other problems should be 2nd or 3rd priority.

If the capsule is too thick then we need to remove it. If the patient is thin, then removing the capsule would make you feel the implant more easily when you touch the breasts and your breasts could be more exposed to outer substance.

This is what makes breast revision surgery difficult. But the core problem is to fix the main problem that led to breast revision surgery therefore, we need to be clear about this.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

3. Have you done enough to prevent the recurrence from happening?

Many of those who suffer capsular contracture ask this question. “What do I do if it recurred?”

There is no doctor who can say never to this question.
Recurrence can happen. But we need to do everything we can in order to prevent recurrence from happening.

When the implant collapses, we need to know why that happened and get the breast revision surgery done. Id the damage was done while inputting the implant then we need to change the input procedure to that which is different from the first time. We need to use other equipment as well.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

There are implants with higher possibility of collapse.
The thinner the skin of the implant, the higher the chance of it tearing. So it is better to replace the old implant with one that has thicker skin.
We need to do things differently in the breast revision surgery surgery compared to the first one in order to decrease the chances of recurrence.

4. Should the implant be replaced? 

One of the reasons or environmental factor for capsular contracture is the fact that the implant got exposed to the body of the patient so it is better to change the implant as well.

At times we remove the capsule but leave the implant as it is. But this is not normal. The capsule is caused due to the metabolism of the body therefore we can change the implant to same type but new or to a totally new type one.

When the implant gets damaged, the replacement would be better if it is thicker, has better recharge rate, and is smaller in size.
KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

5. Is there enough communication between the patient and the doctor? 

Most of the breast revision surgery are conducted because there is a problem. The patient wanting to have this problem cared, is really concerned and worried. Today, the hospitals become really defensive as the patients can take the civil matters to court. (Today, minor problems are taken seriously as a claim)

However, there must be enough communication in this sensitive time.
There must be a conversation on the reason and origin of the problem, whether we need to solve the problem or not, whether we need to conduct breast revision surgery or not. the timing of the breast revision surgery, and what is expected after the breast revision surgery. All these are important.

If there is no communication, there would not be an understanding.
If there is no communication, then only the concerns will grow.
The patient must fully open up about the concerns and discomforts. If there is no trust from the patient that leads to hiding of the facts, the doctor and the nurses cannot provide much help.

KIES-U Breast augmentation in Korea

Breast revision surgery can be a problem of medical technique or academical knowledge.

However, the most important thing is to listen to the patient, be concerned and have much conversation for better understanding.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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