Breast augmentation Korea | Algorithm for deciding on the location for breast augmentation incision.

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Q&A on Breast Augmentation KIES-U Plastic surgery Korea

There are many of those who think much about where the incision should be when getting the breast augmentation.

Some say that this is confusing because different clinics recommend different parts.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

The doctor should be the decision maker but I would like to share an algorithm that you can use in deciding the incision area.

First, it is important to have good visual when conducting the breast augmentation therefore you need to choose a spot that gives you the best visual. The visual coverage is best with inframammary fold 90%, areola 70%, armpit less than 10%, and belly button 0%.

The visual coverage is the most important factor in leading to the best outcome. Therefore, this should be the first considering factor.

So, usually inframammary fold is the most popular spot of incision for breast augmentation but the problem with this is the scar caused. Please refer to the images below. If you are case 1, then it is difficult to make the inframammary fold as the incision spot. So, we tend to choose another spot for incision because of the scar.
Please refer to the images again.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Second, if you have a wide areola, then it would be best spot for incision. The most commonly used implant size in our country is in the late 200’s. Such implant with cohesive gel would require an areola with a diameter of at least 3.5cm for incision. Areola for incision is also good if you want to correct sagging breasts or want to reduce the size of the areola.

Third, is the armpit. If the inframammary fold is not appropriate and if your areola is too small then armpit would be the best choice. The armpit incision and breast augmentation is at times difficult and can lead to unwanted result. This happens if you breast is pointed outward or if you have sagging breasts. If you also need breast correction together with breast augmentation, armpit incision might not be a good choice for you.

Fourth, the belly button incision is recommended if you decide not to use the cohesive gel for whatever the reason is. Belly button incision has minimum pain and is located away from the breast therefore the scar is difficult to be noticed. The only disadvantage is that you can only use saline bag type implant for the belly button incision.

But if the patient is aged or the skin is less elastic due to number of pregnancies then the scar would not be a problem for her. Inframammary fold incision would be recommend for such patient.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

If there is a particular request from the patient, then we tend to follow that request. If you are a bikini model and do not want any scar around the armpit, then we do not recommend armpit incision. If you are a patient who do not want the scar to be shown when lying down, then we tend to go for the armpit or belly button incision.

If you enjoy wearing crop-top, or have piercings on the belly button, we would avoid this spot for incision. We need to find another approach in such case.

Below is the algorithm that I have made.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Things such as the body and breast structure, age, pregnancy, patient’s demand, correction, etc are all considered for the incision spot.
This is not something that is easy to decide. You must also consult with a specialist.

This is all for today. Thanks a lot. 

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  1. Hi, An Inframammary breast implants is one type of incision used in the placement of implants for breast augmentation.


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