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[Breast augmentation Korea] Dual Plane breast augmentation


Today, I would like to share about the dual plane breast augmentation.
Questions such as what implant is used, how large is the implant, and where does the implant go in through are commonly asked.

1) What type of implant is used?
2) How large is the implant?
3) Where does the implant go in?

All these three decision making factors are important, but there is one that stands out the most. It is the question of “which plane does the implant go in?

4) Which plane does the implant go in through? 

There are 4 planes of above the muscle, subfacial plane, below the muscle, and dual plane.
This refers to the depth of the implant put in. There are many of those who do not about these planes although they are highly interested in breast augmentation.
Let’s refer to the images for more explanation.

Above the muscle

Dual plane breast augmentation above the muscle
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The implant is located between the pectoral muscle and the breast parenchyma. The advantages are that the implant shapes the breast and the implant is not pushed by the pressure from the muscles.
But as time passes, the upper part and the inner part of the breast become thin ending up with less tissue covering the implant. Also, it is very vulnerable to capsular contracture. The implant also gets in the way of the breast cancer x-ray.

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Below the muscle

breast implants below the muscle
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If the implant is put in below the muscle, the implant cover thickens leading to unnatural shape, rippling, and high possibility of capsular contracture. The muscle contracts and relaxes repeatedly pressuring the skin tissue causing the implant to move to another location. There can be dual wrinkle in the sagging breast as well.

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Dual plane

Dual plane breast implants
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As you can see in the image, the upper part of the implant is placed below the muscle, and the lower part of the implant is placed above the muscle.
Dual plane can cover the both the advantages and disadvantages of above and below the muscle methods.

In this dual plane method,
The implant is covered completely therefore there is no concern about the natural feel. The edges of the implant do not pop up due to the thin skin tissue. There is low possibility of implant getting pressured by the muscle. Also the chances of capsular contracture are minimized. You can also prevent dual wrinkles as well. 

There is enough skin cover at the upper part of the breasts, therefore the skin will not become thin over time.
There is no pressure in the lower part of the breast, therefore the implant would not move to another position.

Has this post helped you understand dual plane? This is a method that is very safe, and provides secure results over a long period of time without any complications or side effects.

Thanks a lot.

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