Choosing the right bra after breast augmentation

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Q. What underwear(bra) can I wear after breast augmentation? 

A. Underwear such as bra have a lot of functions.
Normally, bra is used so that a woman feels comfortable in doing breast related activities. In our country, all women need to wear it and it has become one beauty fashion product.

It is difficult to say that the bra is a mandatory clothing for the breasts. Also there are some people who think that the bra limits the blood circulation in the breasts there is having a bad influence.
I would like to share few things that you need to be careful about after breast augmentation.

First, you will be wearing bandage or pressurized bra after the surgery. Such clothing is a functional one and is used to stop the bleeding.
After you loose the bandage, you need to be careful so that the breasts do not get any harm and you need to know that you need about 6 months for your breasts ‘to get in shape”.

As the swelling gets better, the implant needs to press on the skin tissue making a good looking shape and also preventing itself from moving into another location or position. This can be helped with the use of correction bra.

However in my case, I have felt that the correction bra has a lot of inconveniences and there are some patients who can never get used to it, therefore I do not always recommend the correction bra to my patients.

Breast augmentation through axillary crease can make the implant move to upper location therefore one uses a band on the upper part so the implant cannot be moved.
The implant tends to move downwards in case of inframammary fold incision, therefore you need to wear sports bra so that the bra can withstand the weight of the implant.

Therefore, in the first month after the surgery, you need to use a bandage of Surgi-bra. In 2 ~ 3 months of the surgery, you can use upper band if necessary, and wear various type of other bras if necessary.

Younger patients have tight skin therefore the skin itself are pressurizing the implant. So it is recommended that these young patients do not wear bra that are too closely pressed on.

Older patients have loose skin with less elasticity therefore the implants are not pressurized. Therefore, it is recommend that they wear bra that will help the implants be stationed at the required location quickly.

Most patients can wear wired or wireless sports bras within the 6 months of the surgery.
If you get breast augmentation through fat transplantation, it is recommended that you use correction bras that are fitting with the inframammary fold as the fat used is half liquid therefore it gets absorbed or extinct as the liquid slips downwards.

Wearing what type of underwear depends on case by case. You should check with your doctor frequently on what kind you clothing to wear. The bra that you wear in the first 6 months of the surgery are strictly for functional purposes therefore it is not wise to wear tight bra to cosmetic reasons.

Today we looked at what bra to wear after the breast augmentation.
Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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