Is it a breast augmentation or breast cosmetic surgery?

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Q. What is the name of the surgery that I am getting? Is it called breast augmentation or breast cosmetic surgery?

In truth, this is one question that I hope to be asked by my patients.
I think that this question carries the most important message for a breast surgery.
In medical terms, we call the breast surgery, ‘Augmentation mammoplasty’. This means breast enlargement cosmetic surgery.

The following definition can be found on the internet.

Definition about 'Breast augmentation' in Naver Korea
"A surgical method that makes the very small breasts change into more normal, pretty looking ones with minimum scar /  wound maintaining the basic functions of the breasts."

I do not like this explanation.
If I had to define this term, I would do it as the following.

"A cosmetic surgical method the makes beautiful looking and appropriate sized breasts, with an objective of setting the right beauty proportion, balance of the two breasts, and harmony with the upper body."

Proportion, Balance, Harmony

The three matters above are important to any cosmetic surgeries and the same applies to breast surgery as well.

When people consult about the breast augmentation, there is a lot of emphasis on the implants. Implants are used for the proportion and balance.

An implant is used for the beauty of the breast and not much more.
Volume is necessary for the beauty. Not the other way around.

One must know that this breast augmentation is not just to makes the sized bigger (cup siz bigger).

Let’s look at the two images below.

Breast augmentation surgery Korea

The above picture shows a patient who is about 170cm tall using 375cc round type implant.
The patient blow is about 167cm and she uses 270cc water drop type implant.

Breast augmentation Korea

Some patients think that the breasts are covered by the bra and others cannot know the difference exactly so they just want large size. But this is not a good decision. As you age, breast feed, get pregnant, the shape of breast changes. Therefore, in the long term, this would not be a good decision.

Golden ration of the breast

As you can see in the image above, the part above the nipple is the upper breast and the part below the nipple is the lower breast.

The upper and the lower parts need to have different shapes. The upper part needs to have a natural shape (beaker) and the lower part needs to have semi-circle shape. You can see the differences in the shape from the two pictures.

If you look at the image below, you would be able to recognize the golden ratio that I would like to refer to. The golden ration is known to be 1:1.618 and amazingly, this applies to breasts as well.

Breast augmentation Korea

It is not breast enlargement or breast cosmetic surgery. I think the right answer is “breast enlargement for beauty.”

The main message for today is that this is NOT "a surgery to make the breasts bigger”.

Thank you very much.

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