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Wound/Scar after breast augmentation

There are certain things that patients worry about on breast augmentation in such order,
First, do I really need to do this? How much does it cost?

When the above questions are answered, the patients look for how long the recovery period is.

Finally, they worry about the scar that is caused by the breast augmentation.

Today, I look like to review on the scars that are caused near the inflammatory fold and axillary crease when performing breast augmentation with water drop type implants.
As you have visited my blog and have noticed, the contents here are those that you cannot find on any advertising contents online. I like to blog in order to correct the wrong information that the patients have and ask when they visit the hospitals and also to be a communicating bridge between the surgeon and the patient.

First the scar near the axillary crease disappears after 6 to 12 months.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

This is a photo of the breast augmentation on the axillary crease after 8 months. The wound is becoming lighter without any problems. Maybe the doctors would not realize that a surgery was done on it if they look at it.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

 This is a rare case. This is called hypertropic scar. (It is different from keloid). A hyertropic scar was formed about a year and a half after the surgery. It is difficult to forecast if such a scar would be formed or not in advance.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

This is a picture of the scar after the scar removing injection. The scar is getting lighter but this injection is needed again in the future. I have only seen one of such cases until now.

For your information, there aren’t many who can differentiate hypertropic scar and keloid. Keloid does not have any limitation on the location that it can be formed and it is formed largely without any control. Hypertropic scar can lead to swelling but stays at one position.

A scar from the breast augmentation is rarely a keloid and I have never seen one as of now.

Let’s look at a scar on the inferior breast crease. This scar is different from the one on the armpit in that the scar can be formed on the breast, therefore, this is rather scary. But let’s see if this scar is indeed scary or not.

Capsular contracture Level 3, revision surgery patient
Photo after the revision surgery KIES-U

This patient changed the saline type implant and then faced capsular contracture. In the past, the saline type was put through the armpit but the reconstruction was done on the inferior breast crease. As you can see, the incision line is very clear on the inferior breast crease.

6 month after revision surgery
It is difficult to find or see any scar from the front view.

Let’s look at another patient’s photo.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

The above and below photos are those of a foreign patient. She did not like the size of the implants and therefore wanted to change then. This is a phots taken after 6 months, and as you can see, there are no scars that you can see from the front view.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Scars cannot be seen easily from the side view as well.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

 The scars can only be seen if the patient cups her breasts to make the scars be shown easily.
(Normally, one would not be able to see the scars....)

This is a photo taken 4 months after the surgery. I think that the scars will completely disappear in a year or two.

Inferior breast crease scar is more advantageous when you go swimming. It is a place that the swimming suit always covers. In fact, the armpit would be more suspicious to others if you go swimming.

If you are the one who likes public bath, then you might be worried about the inferior breast crease. But you would have to lie down on the ground for anyone to see and notice the scar.

A scar cannot be a decision making factor. The surgeons agree that the major claims after the surgery are shape, symmetry, and volume. There are very rare number of patients who are unsatisfied with the scar.

Today we looked at the scar formed from the best method, inferior breast crease incision, with the help of different photos..
Have a nice day. Thank you.

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