Teenagers need “cosmetic (plastic) surgery” education

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Teenagers need “cosmetic (plastic) surgery” education
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If I recall correctly, I think that I received sex education in 9th grade.
My teacher played a video in the AV room at our school and the teacher explained on the difference between a man’s and woman’s body, how the hormone secretion takes place, secondary sex character, differences in the body, genitals. It wasn’t so bad talking to our teacher about those lower parts that we as boys used to giggle about. I think this education was rather meaningful.

I am aware that this sex education has become more advanced with growing interest and I am also aware that there are many programs related. The society knows that hiding this would only hurt it therefore, people are opening up more towards this education even at schools.

I think that these teenagers definitely need sex education

My reasoning is that the teenagers, especially those girls in middle school, are at an alarming stage regarding their perception on beauty, and plastic surgery. Also, this perception can have great influence on the rest of their lives.

1. Our children’s perception on cosmetic/plastic surgery

Middle schools talk about this area a lot and already are much aware of it so that their parents cannot even say a word about it. Some middle school girls come with their friends to talk about the plastic surgery and I have recognized that those who are 14 to 16 years old already talk much about plastic surgery with their friends.

This might be too early for them. They are at a stage where they cannot objectively talk about plastic surgery and that is why they easily say “I do not look good here so I need a plastic surgery on this part.”

But it is not right to conclude that “kids today have a lot of problems.” Our society such as the TV and other mass medias have made our kids think in such way. Our society is too much focused on the outer looks and this has been communicated without any means to the teenagers.
The perception of our children on cosmetic / plastic surgery starts as they go online looking at all the pretty looking male and female celebrities and comparing themselves with these celebrities.

All dramas or movies have an ending where a pretty main actress has an happy ending.

- I am not good looking
- Things get bad if you don’t look pretty
- So bad things happen to me

This is the result.
And so this conclusion naturally moves on to the next.

- I get look pretty if I get a plastic surgery
- I will be happy if I look pretty
- So, I must get a plastic surgery

The reason why our children’s perception is serious is,
They do not know about their attractive points and characteristics but also think about their negative points and are focused in trying to fix those negative points.

They need to those that their outer look is just one small part of what their identity is.

- I have certain positive points
- Those with positive points are loved by others
- Therefore, I can be loved by others

If our kids can think in such a way, they will have more rational perception on cosmetic surgery.

They will realize that the outer look is just a small part of “me”, and not everything.

If you have too much expectation on cosmetic/plastic surgery, you will rely on it even more. Such a teenager when grows up to be an adult, would have more dependence on the outer looks and also suffer from outer look complex.

2. The right perception of your looks 

The way, attitude of how you look and perceive yourself is very important. You need to have a balanced perception of your looks and should be able to judge the looks in such a way.

When you have this mature perception, you will be able to talk and think about cosmetic surgery.

I believe that each individual woman has her own appealing points.
But most women do not know what it is.

The more surprising fact is that the more beautiful a person is, she does not know what her appealing points are and what her weak points are.

Those who are not confident about their looks are not confident talking about it as well.
They just hope that they could look pretty, and do not know where the real problem is.

It is concerning that many women get an expensive plastic surgery by looking at falsely made advertisement on plastic surgery in such situation.

Cosmetic surgery only makes one of many problems that I have, better.

Therefore, one must know what my positives and negatives are by taking a step backward and observing oneself. Once you have this rational attitude, you will be “ready” to get a cosmetuc surgery.

I look so bad, I need to get everything fixed.
Why do you think that our kids think in this way?

There are three things in our society’s outer look centralism that influenced our children.

Parents criticizing the looks of the children since when they are small.
Things about the outer looks that their friends tease about such as “You, pig”.
Outer look centralism in the mass media such as TV or internet.

Just like any education, the right education needs to start at home.

"My baby, you are so cute and lovely "
This might be a start, but,

"Your eyes look so pretty, I used to like people with similar eyes ever since I was young."
"Your smile makes those who see you happy." If you say such detailed word repeatedly, your children will know that you mean it.

I think these expressions are more necessary during the maturing stage. Then your children would have more confidence about their looks and those appealing points.

"Then what can I tell my kids about plastic surgery?" This is a question that you might have.

It is difficult for the parents to be the main source information on plastic surgery to the middle school girls. It’s because the parents do not know about the plastic surgery well enough. The information that the kids get from the internet is very much comparable to what the parents have.

It is necessary that the mothers get on line and start studying about beauty surgery as well. This will help maintain subjects to talk about with the kids.

Sense of one’s identity needs to be formed,
And one should know her own appealing points,
Then, she needs to have self confidence,

in order to have an accurate, balanced, objective thinking about one’s outer looks. I think that the responsibility of the parents is the most important factor.

Today, I talked about why the teenagers need cosmetic surgery education. This is something that I felt strong about as I consulted many middle school girls these days. I hope that my thinking has been agreed by most of you, readers.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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