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The types and differences of breast implants II 

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Which implant looks and feels the most natural? This is a frequently asked question. My answer is always the same. There aren’t many differences in the 5th generation cohesive gel implants.

If you put a smooth type and a texture type implants on top of the table and touch them, you would feel a lot of differences. Also if there is less substance in the implant, it would be feel softer and better.

Some consultants train the nurses in such aspect and say that the smooth type feels better.

If there is less gel in the implant, it may cause a rippling effect

 But the result of the breast augmentation is different from what you think.

The Allergan type that is perceived to the hardest one becomes soft once put inside the body. Therefore, it is difficult to make out if the implant feels good or bad by touching it from the outside.

I cannot know that implant had been used on the patient unless I look at the patient’s chart.

Breast Surgery Korea KIES-U

The softness of the breast is not depended on the type of the implant that you use, but by the skin that covers the implant. Although you use jelly like implant, but you have a hard skin covering the implant, you would feel that the breast feels hard.

So it is wrong to say that you need to use the smooth type for better sense of touch.

The answer to the good feeling breast is not to choose a soft implant, but to conduct a smooth surgery so that there is no bleeding or no trauma on the body. This would lead lower possibility of stronger epidermis.

The sense of touch is not depended on the manufacture but how the doctor performs the surgery and how the patient’s body reacts to the surgery.

Problem of durability

Which implant has the best durability?

There is no answer to this question as of yet. One can estimate it but there is no statistics to prove it. We can compare the implant not collapsing easily and lasting longer to that of a bicycle tire.

If you are riding a cycle on a road with a lot of substance on it, and you have a high pressure tire on the cycle, the small sized substances bounce off easily having less possibility of the tire being punctured. In opposite, if you have a low pressure tire, it would step on the substances directly leading to a higher possibility of a puncture.
If the implant is filled up with silicone gel there wouldn’t be any folds leading to no friction therefore leading to no breakage. But if the implant is not filled up, there would be many folds leading to more friction and higher possibility of breakage.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Also the gel has strong agglutinability therefore if the implant maintains its shape there would be no folds whatsoever avoiding any damage. But if there is less agglutinability meaning that the implant cannot maintain its shape, many folds are made leading to damage on the implant.

The implant with the most agglutinability is Allergan’s water drop type implant. I cannot say for sure but I can estimate that it as a good durability. SiliMed from Brazil has high agglutinability but not as much as the Allergan’s. The other implants are much alike.

Sadly, all the round type implants that are imported to Korea do not have high agglutinability.

In all cases, the water drop type (ones that are imported to our country) have stronger durability than the round type implants. 

Which implant leads to better shaped breast?

This is the part that bothers me the most. All the water drop type implants imported to Korea have the same level of durability, sense of touch, and side effect incidence rate. The biggest problem would be which implants is the most appropriate one according to the body type.

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There isn’t much to think about when considering the round type. They are all the same. Whatever the manufacturer is, the shape and the volume are all the same. But the water drop type is made 3 dimensionally therefore there are a lot of differences.

There are two types of patients who want breast augmentation that requires implants.

First are those who want to look good and thin.
Second are those who want to fix the sagging breasts after giving birth.

For both the groups, it is better to use long height implants.
The think patients usually have long torso.
Therefore, it is more appropriate to use implants that are thin and long.

Also sagging breasts have empty upper part therefore it is good to use oval type implant that fills up the upper part of the breast. If you look at the breast, you would know that the breast is not shaped in perfect round shape. It is closer to long oval shape.

Germany’s Polytech oval shaped implants are long shaped that are fitting to the Korean women. Brazil’s Silimed water drop type has a good shape but does not export oval water drop type to Korea. If all the products from Silimed are imported to our country, I think that there would be a good market response to all the products.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

Sebbin from France has strongly filled implant that is round and thick. So the patients who have thin breast and cannot use wide implant but want to increase the cup size can use this implant.

The cancer causing agent from PIP in France that was reported early last year is not related to Sebbin implants.

Allergan implants have best stability and durability but have wide width when concerning the profile. The patients in Korea have narrow upper body, so they need to use rather small volume implants.


In conclusion, there has been many implants in the market, but there isn’t one that is 100% fitting. Also, one cannot say one manufacturer product is better than the other therefore it is important to find an implant that is most appropriate to your body.

Also, whatever implant you select, the skill of the surgeon is the most important factor.

We looked at the type of implants imported to our country and their differences. Has the post helped? Thank you.
Have a nice day.

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