breast implant rippling (textured vs smooth breast implant)

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Does the textured implant have more rippling effect than the smooth type?

Rippling is similar to waviness. For those of you who are searched on the internet a lot, most will think that rippling is caused on the saline bag type and also on the textured type.

Today I would like to share on the two side effects of rippling and feeling on the implant on the outside.

Why is rippling caused? Let’s look at the cause first.
The first cause is because there are much substance around the implant.
The second reason is because the skin does not completely cover the implant.

Rippling cause by less fill is caused when the saline or cohesive gel is not filled up to the actual volume. Liquid is filled up in the saline bag type therefore many causes can lead to incomplete filling. But cohesive gel is made in a plant, so why is it that the cohesive gel is not filled to the maximum level?

A person walks straight forward. So the implant does not lie on the body but it stands up.

The standing up implant would have more balance at the lower level. This bottom level would have more silicone gel centered on it and the upper part would have less silicone gel. This causes the under-fill effect.

This under filled part would have wrinkling effect as well and this is the cause of the rippling. There are many types of cohesive gel implant that are under filled.
Textured water drop type silicone gel implant standing up in the body would be the most secured type with less under filled parts.

Under filled rippling can be prevented by filling up the volume more. If the saline type is 250cc, it can be filled up to 260cc.
If you want to avoid rippling on a cohesive gel type, you need to select one that is well secured like the one in the photo above.

If you feel that you have a rippling effect on the saline bag type, then you need to fill up the implant more. Or you can change it to a cohesive gel type.

Second reason that causes rippling is not how much the volume is filled up but whatever the type of implant it is, the surrounding skin needs to cover up the implant completely.
Therefore, rippling is caused easily on those with thin breast skin, or small breasts, or those with very thin subcutaneous tissue.
The skin that covers the implant is very thin therefore the weight of the implant pulls down the epithelium causing wrinkles and rippling effect.

One needs to plan out the procedure properly so that the skin covers the implant completely in order to prevent such a problem.
More padding under the muscle would help out such patients as well. Double plane would be good also. Subglandular would be lead to rippling.

There are those who say that rippling is caused more easily on the textured type compared to the smooth type. But there is no evidence to this according to 2002 Mentor and McCann PMA report to FDA. Textured having more rippling compared to smooth type is a wrong information.

The implant moves about more so than the round type (the implant turns upside down or moves to another position changing its shape). 
No, this is wrong. Textured gets damaged more easily than the round type. 
No, this is wrong as well.
Water drop type textured implant leads to rippling easier than the smooth type. 
No, this is wrong again.

Also, rippling is a problem if you can see it when standing up. It is not a problem when you can feel it in a certain position.

A specific part might feel wavy after the breast surgery but one cannot say that this is a side effect. However, if you can visually see that the breast is not looking proper due to rippling, then you can say that there is a side effect.

Rippling that can be seen easily. If there is a collapse in the saline type, 
there is a severe case of rippling.

One last word.
It is wrong to think that the side effects are caused by bad implants and that one can avoid side effects when using good implants. This all depends on whether the surgeon has accurate knowledge and performs on the patient. Whatever surgery it is, the outcome is depended on the surgeon.

This is all for today. Thank you.

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