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I recently saw news on “Increase in number of breast surgery side effects: Damaged breast implants”. I would like to share on this topic of damaged implants.

Let’s look at an example of a tire.

A reporter took a Bridgestone tire, randomly, and used a rolling mill on it.  He rolled 5 tons on the tire. There is no puncture.
If this reporter reports that the Bridgestone tire does not puncture after this experiment, and also add that the tire only punctures by the fault of the driver, how would a typical driver feel about this report?

The news showed an implant bursting because someone put much weight on it. When a 700kg object was placed on the implant, it burst. If the news reported that the implant does not have any problem on itself and that follow-up management is the problem.
As you can imply from the example on the tire, this too is not logical.

However good the tires are, if you use the tires for 5 to 10 years and go on-road or off-road, one of the tires can be punctured. This is not because the Bridgestone tire is bad or because the driver is a bad driver.
The conclusion should be something as the following. The tires have usage life as well. You need to manage it properly but if there is a problem with the tire, you need to get it repaired or even change the tire. This is what we all know, and what we do.

Breast implants are made by men too. God did not make it. Some company has made it. Artificial heart, pace maker, artificial bones / arteries are some of man-made things that we use today but these things do not last forever. They tend to break down at some point in time. Although many pre-launch experiments had been perfect, one cannot say that the product will not break down. No one would say that you do not need to worry about this product until you die. This would be a wrong thing to say.

There was a Korean drama last year in which the main actor lived with an artificial heart.

 Overcoming heart surgery ….!!!

But this character has a problem with the artificial heart so he goes to the hospital to replace the heart. The operation is successful and the character lives happily ever after.

Just like the artificial heart getting damaged, artificial breast implants can be damaged as well. The extent of damage differs according to the makers of the artificial breasts.

The products are being upgraded and are made better than ever before. However, even God given original heart or breasts get ‘damaged’ as well, and so does these products. Not all man-made products can maintain its original form after decades. This is impossible.

You must know that these artificial implants can be damaged or leak substances within. The patients must hear such facts before any surgery and know that this is a possibility.

It is wrong to say that the silicone gel withstood 700kg of weight so it would not burst or be damaged therefore I can use the implant for my breast. This is absolutely false.

There are data on the damaged implants according to different types such as saline-bag, cohesive gel bag, smooth type, textured type and even by different companies. This data can be found in US FDA.
Also the data shows that the damage differs according to the body size of the patients. The life expectancy of the implants differ from a person who uses an appropriate size to those who used much larger implant compared to what is appropriate for the body.

Tear-drop type does not change shape but maintains the shape securely. If the implant changes shape easily or is too smooth, the damage rate can be increased.

All implants have life expectancy. Some can last longer than the patient’s life. I still have not seen any of my patients with damaged implant but in theory, it is possible that the implant can be damaged within a short period of time.

A lot of the patients are curious about the life expectancy of the implants that they used. But the reality is that we do not know this for sure. First reason is that the manufacturers do not provide data on this.

All the surgeons and patients was the implants to be new and maintain its original shape for a long period.

The 5th generation silicone gel implants that are sold today are much better in quality compared to the ones that were first sold in 2007. The possibility of damage, leak, capsular contracture have decreased but still, there is a possibility that the implant can be damaged.

Also, one must know that if the cost of the breast surgery is very cheap, then one must doubt if the surgeon is using bad quality product or not. A proper breast surgery cannot be done with low cost.

A patient from China needed a re-surgery on her breasts. The implants that she used previously did not have any brand mark on it. (I had to doubt what I saw but there was absolutely nothing on the implants)

A Korean patient went to Thailand and got cohesive gel implants but she too needed re-surgery. I asked her how much did it costs to get this done in Thailand. The price was lower than what one could even think of. I could not understand why she had gotten this procedure in Thailand. The implants could be in the body forever, so I could not understand why she was less careful about the whole procedure.

I think that the 5th generation silicone gel implants are safer than ever before. If a properly trained surgeon uses such products, I believe that 99% of the cases would avoid any problems.

This is all for today. Thank you.

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