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Selecting the Implant Height in Breast augmentation with anatomical Prosthesis

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Here in Korea, we have a short history of using tear-drop implant breast augmentation, therefore we limited know-how in various types of surgeries. In oppose to this, tear-drop implants have been used in Europe and North America for almost 20 years. Therefore, these countries have built-up knowledge and data that are important for the surgeons.
Today, we will look at a publishing by Jose Martin del Yerro, M.D from Spain and also criticize on it.

from "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 131, No.6, 1404"

The satisfaction of breast augmentation is highly correlated with the beauty of the breasts after the surgery. This is because when you wear clothes, the upper breast can be seen easily and also the one can see the shape of the cleavage.
So this important upper breast is composed through the height of the implant, however, there isn’t much mentioning about it. The doctors do not consider this much and so does the patients.

Dr. Yerro published a paper that states that the height of the implant should be selected according to the body type.

Kretschmer and Sheldon were few of the people who divided the ‘body type’ into three. In easy terms, the types would be ‘thin’, ‘normal’, and ‘obese’.
Dr. Yerro stated that the pocket of the implant of a thin person is shaped oval vertically, round for normal person and a horizontal oval shape for those who are obese.

And through many analysis, he found that the ‘normal’ type is the majority, and the other two types of ‘thin’/’obese’ are rare. This is why there is much usage of round type implants rather than the oval shaped ones.

Dr. Yerro published his paper based on the analysis of 5123 patients that he has worked with for 13 years, starting from 1998.
This means that the thoracic perimeter has been divided by the distance between the center of the collarbone and areola to determine the height of the implant.

The result of the data can be seen in the image above. The ones with the ‘normal’ body shape were the most and the average length of the thoracic perimeter was found to be 80cm, with the average of the collarbone-areola distance being 20cm. Also, the round shaped implants were used the most.

I think that Dr. Yerro’s findings are very important in how we select the height of the implant. There aren’t many surgeons in Korea who are much experienced with using the tear-drop type implants. These surgeons only focus on the fact that they are using this type of implants and do not consider important 3 dimensional variables including the height.

 Dr. Yerro’s findings are not directly related to how we do things here in Korea, so some findings feel unrealistic. The biggest difference is that the Europeans and Koreans have different body types. My personal statistics show that the patients who want breast surgeries have average of 17.7cm in distance between the collarbone-areola, so this is much different from what Dr. Yerro has announced.

Also the thoracic perimeter is not as large as the average of 80cm. Most of these patients have very thin thorax as well. Many people with large thorax and those who are obese do not need breast surgeries.

One needs to know that most of the Korean women have short thoracic perimeter and narrow breast diameter. So, when we consider Dr. Yerro’s data, most of the patients that we have are composed of those who have ‘thin’ or ‘normal’ body type.

This means that most Korean patients need to use the vertical oval shaped implants

I will write another post to explain about how to select the appropriate height of the implant according to the various different types of the implant at a later date.
However, much of Dr. Yerro’s findings are those that have been neglected in our country, and I, personally, was glad to see such findings.
This is all for today.

Thank you.

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