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Bleeding after breast augmentation surgery [KIES-U Korea]

We do not call bleeding and pain as side effects. We need to know the cause of these problems.
All surgeries have bleeding. A good surgery requires how effectively you stop or minimize the bleeding. So the important thing is that the surgery be done without bleeding.

bleeding after breast surgery
Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U Dr. Lee

What happens when there is much bleeding?

If there is much bleeding or if the bleeding is not stopped during the breast augmentation surgery, the blood builds around the implant.

The blood from the blood vessel becomes solid, i.e. hematoma.

The body can take it naturally if there isn’t much amount of hematoma, however the body cannot take in large amount of it so there will be some hematoma left. The large sized hematoma can force the implant to move into one direction causing an awkward shape and can be a cause of infection or inflammation. It also leads to pain as there is much pressure from the hematoma build-up.

If the hematoma is build up near the dissected part, then it can penetrate through the skin, finally leading to opening of the wound and worsening of the scar.

breast augmentation korea
KIES-U Korea Breast augementation

What do you do when there is much bleeding?

We can diagnose if there is a problem with bleeding from 0 ~ 2 weeks of the surgery. Abnormal swelling or pain, change in skin tone, infection or inflammation can be examined. If there is not much bleeding or if the side effect is not severe, we can put pressure on it and stop the bleeding. However, if we find that there is much bleeding then we need to remove the hematoma.

If the surgery was done on the areola or on the bottom line, we use the same spot to check on the bleeding, use galvanocautery, and quickly remove the hematoma.

But if the surgery was done through armpit or the belly button, we cannot use the same spot. We would have dissect the bottom line and remove the hematoma.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

If we dissected armpit in the original surgery and there is much bleeding, we can open up the armpit again, clean, and use the endoscope to stop the bleeding. If we are lucky, the surgery would be a success, if not, then we need to pull out the blood for a week and pressurize the part.

In such case, although we have saved the implant, the patient feels much pain and loses sense for a long period. Also there is a high possibility of capsular contracture.

How to avoid bleeding?

In the first two weeks of the breast surgery, one must be very aware of one particular problem, bleeding.

In order to avoid such happening;
The dissecting area should not big. The space must be appropriate for the implant size. (Minimizing dissection technique)
The implant, itself, should not be too big. (Large implant requires large pocket that leads to more damaging of skin and blood vessels)
You need to get the job done by an experienced and careful surgeon.

Bleeding in revision surgery

If the revision is necessary due to the capsular contracture, we need to remove the formed epithelium completely causing much bleeding. So we do not completely remove the epithelium but leave some that would help the new implant fit into the pocket. Removing the epithelium completely can be an another cause of the capsular contracture and also we need to change the method in order to minimize the bleeding as well.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

One must be very careful about the bleeding in the breast surgery Bleeding can lead to other problems such as capsular contracture, infection, implant collapse, scar, opening of the wound, etc. The bleeding during the revision must be controlled properly as well. The result of the uncontrolled re-surgery would be obvious.

This is all for today. Thank you.

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