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Is it good or bad to use drains after a breast augmentation surgery? Is it necessary?

These questions are asked often because the patients get different answer from all the hospitals that they visit.

Some doctors say that using drains are necessary
Some doctors do not require it. So the patients are very curious about this.

I do not have an absolute answer, but I usually recommend that the patient does not need one.
I will share the reason for this on today’s post.

Why do the doctors have different opinions?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular beauty surgeries around the world today.

Therefore, there are various types of techniques, and implants. Also, there are different views about the breast surgeries as well.

This is why the doctors have different opinions. There are a numerous number of doctors and all these doctors have different thoughts and approaches.

But one thing for sure is that the implants and the techniques have developed much continuously. So there is a major trend through this development.

This trend is to make the patient recover quickly 
and have close to 0% side effects

Breast surgery used to be a day long, scary surgery on the whole body, but this is changing into a day time surgery, i.e. you can recover in 24 hours.

Ethicon Probe plus II – endo surgery hand piece, used in Kies-U

Surgical drain is a drainage tube. Substances in the body need to be quickly removed from the body.

Drains are a linkage from the body to the outer environment therefore there is a high change that the pocket or the implant gets infected. This infection leads to inflammation and capsular contracture.

I believe that it is best to close the pocket of the implant as soon as possible.

Now, we do not use the drains for 90% of the patients.
If there is a patient who needs a drain, I think that it should be removed as quickly as possible.

Instead of thinking about whether using the drains are good or not, the important things is that the doctor needs to do the surgery good enough so that drains are not necessary.

Thank you for reading today’s post.
Have a great day.

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