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What is water-drop breast surgery? 

Breast augmentation Korea

Things to consider before breast augmentation surgery

What is a water-drop breast surgery? This might seem like a very simple question to answer but there are many who do not know exactly about it. Today I would like to share about the difference between the water drop breast surgery and one that is not.

1) The name of ‘water-drop implant’

There are many people who refer to this as water drop implant, but this is not an accurate term. We call this implant, an Anatomical shape implant.

This means that the implant is shaped as the shape of a breast. The English speaking countries refer to it as Tear drop implant as well. The term ‘Water drop’ is used in Korea mostly.

breast surgery implant
Breast augmentation Korea - water drop implant

2) When was it developed?

The water drop implant is not a new product. This was made in about 1992 by McGhan (currently known as Allergan) and Mentor.

They named is as cohesive gel by using sticky silicone gel on the implant and developed it into various types such as the one with a surface that is round shaped and another which is cohesive gel with tear drop shape that is anatomical.

So the water drop type implant that we use today is about 20 years old and is not a new product. It was certified late here in Korea.

Breast augmentation Korea
Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

3) Which water drop implant is good to use? 

The advantage of the water drop type implant is that the outer layer of the implant is well made to maintain its shape. (Round type is also made to main the original shape but is not as effective as the water drop type) So the shape is maintained after a long time.

Another is that the upper breast volume is maintain although the patient gets older or has sagging breasts. (Round type shrinks at the top so it cannot fill up the upper breast volume effectively)

Next advantage is that if you are a thin person with less volume in the original breasts, this would lead to a more natural look of bigger breasts.
Another advantage would be that one can choose the different types of implants according to different body types. (This cannot be done with the oval shaped implant)

These are few of the biggest advantages, listed above.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

4) What are some problems of water drop type implant? 

There aren’t many disadvantages of water type cohesive gel compared to the round type cohesive gel.

Water drop type implant is more stable and strong in its shape therefore it require bigger inlet so one needs to dissect the skin more. Some young patients might think that there is less volume in the upper breasts compared to what the round type can provide. Also, the price is more expensive.

5) How is the water type different from round type when having breast augmentation?

A lot of clinics have rather strong advertisements that try to communicate that there are differences in the technique, but this is not true. There is no difference in the technique or procedure with using the round type or the water drop type. Same dissection and same closing are required. The only thing one should be careful of is that the water drop implant needs to be put in in a certain direction. This is the only difference.

Some inexperienced people think that the water drop type implant requires some different method. Both round type and water drop type require same surgery method and after surgery treatment.

Breast augmentation Korea
Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

6) Why is water drop type expensive? (The cost of using water drop type) 

There was a big problem is huge difference in prices of the implants. All the implants are manufactured by foreign companies. There are many companies involved in various stages of importing the implants to our country. The products are manufactures in Europe, shipped to Singapore and then brought in to Korea. So this leads to big differences in the prices of the products.

But the price of the water drop implant has dropped a lot since September 2012. The usage has become popular and many companies hurried to import the implant leading to price competition. Now, you can find water drop type implant with price that is not much different from the round type.

The reasons why I tend to recommend the water drop type is because it is more advantageous for Asian patients who have tight small chest that require more safety, secureness, and durability. It is more advantageous for sagging breasts as well.

This is all for today, thank you.

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