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Breast Augmentation Surgery To Know List 3.
What types of breast implant are there?

I would like to present a simple description of the different types of implant for the breast augmentation surgery. There are many of those who are curious about this but it is not easy to distinguish the different types because there are too many.

First, we can divide into two types of saline solution type and cohesive gel.
This can be further divided into smooth type and textured type.
There is a smooth / textured in saline solution type, and smooth /textured in cohesive gel type. Also, we divide the cohesive type to round type and water drop type.

Types of Saline-filled Breast Implants

Types of Cohesive gel Breast Implants

The water drop type cohesive gel breast implants does not have smooth type, it consists only of the textured type. (Saline solution has water drop type as well but we do not import that in Korea)

Saline-filled breast implants is used primarily for re-surgery therefore it is not used in the usual 1st breast augmentation surgery that has the objective of beauty. So we will discuss about the cohesive breast implant today.

Cohesive gel Breast Implants

Therefore, we will talk about 3 types; Round smooth type, Round textured type, and finally Water drop type implant.

1. Round smooth type breast implant

Cohesive gel breast implant is made by filling the gel into the smooth surfaced layer. This type of implant is soft and is bendable.
Many say that the smooth type implant feels better than the textured implant but this is because the smooth type has a thin layer. Also, if the implant goes into the body, it is difficult to feel the difference between the smooth type and the textured type.

Round smooth type Breast Implant

The smooth type feels very thin and weak so many think that the implant might tear when put into the body. The biggest problem with the smooth type breast implant is that there is not friction between the layer and the body so we do not know where the implant would locate itself.
The layer is rather slippery so if the implant is not exactly placed in the room provided for it, the implant may shift to another location.

2. Round textured type Breast implant

Smooth type lead to different forms after the surgery, and so in order to prevent this, textured type implant was developed. The skin would grow into the textured implant therefore limiting the thickness in the epithelium however this was a failure. Different forms were made with the textured implant as well. Also, there was no difference in possibility of having different forms for both smooth and textured type if the implant was placed under the muscle.

Round Textured type Breast Implant

Then why do we use the textured type? It is used to stop the misplacement or the shifting of the implant to another location. Smooth type has smooth layers making it easy to move about to another location and also leading to deformation of the implant.
However, the textured type has rougher surface so it does not move about easily. I usually recommend the textured breast implant. There is no assurance that the implant will stay at the location that I intended.

3. Water drop type Breast implant

All water drop type breast implant have textured surface / layer.
Water drop type was made so that it would look natural on the body.
There are many of those who do not know about this properly but the water drop shaped cohesive gel breast implant was produced and sold at the same time as the round type cohesive gel breast implant. It is false that the water drop type is an improvement over the round type.

Water drop type Breast implant

The origin of water drop type breast implant is Natrelle Style 410. It was first sold in 1993 and was the first product of its kind.
This is the strongest of its kind as a cohesive implant, meaning that it is very safe. This is both the advantage and disadvantage of Style 410. It is very strong so it does not lose its form. Also it can fill up the volume properly.

On the other hand, since this is the strongest of its kind, it is very difficult to place it into the body. Also, the final feeling is not as good on a thin person. Recently there have been side effects of seroma and double capsule in the Natrelle product reported by the doctors.

So Natrelle develops a lower model Soft Touch in Style 410 lineup.
There is higher level of cohesiveness, and so it became easier to put in the implant. However, the safety level decreased as much as well.

The tight gel leads to longer formation of the breast and also improves on the sagging breast by uplifting it properly. But those who are young may feel dissatisfied with using this type as it feels less smooth.

There is no right answer in how you choose the implant. There are pros and cons according to different situations.

If you want satisfaction right now, you might want a soft breast implant, however, if you are looking long term, you might want to have a stronger breast implant.

However, there are many doctors and patients who say that Style 410 is too strong.
So other companies such as Mentor, Silimed, Nagor, Arion, Polytech, Sebine decide to make a softer implant than Style 410 and a tighter one compared to other round cohesive gel products.

If we compare the tightness and the softness of the imported implants, we could rank them as, Polytech being the softness, Silimed, Sebin, and Mentor at a similar level, and style 410 being the strongest.

I will prepare another post on the differences between the brands. Today, we differentiated various types of implants into three types and talked about the basics.

There is no absolute correct answer on how to choose the appropriate breast implant. This depends on the body, preference, age, financial status, and the doctor as well. One cannot say which implant is better than another.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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