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Using artificial skin(alloderm) for breast re-surgery [KIES-U Korea]

We have been using the artificial skin in breast revision surgery since the early 2000’s. It was first used for the breast cancer patients but then the usage has expanded into the beauty area and is now applied on the breast surgeries.

The artificial skin is made by pig skin but has been biochemically alternated to fit into a human’s body, therefore, it is different from Alloderm that uses the skin from a corpse.
Alloderm is a brand name and the product from the brand is called Strattice.
Today, we will look into how the artificial skin is used for the breast revision surgery.

There are many causes that lead to breast revision surgery, one of which is the capsular contracture.
Also there are other causes such as the position of the implant, implant defect, leakage, hematoma / seroma.

The artificial skin(alloderm) is used when a patient’s skin becomes really thin so that the artificial skin is necessary to cover the implant.

This usage is rather an additional measure for the breast surgeries.

The position of the implant, such as going too much to the inside, lower bottom, or coming out, can be a problem, but this is caused because the pocket is too large compared to the size of the implant. So the artificial skin(alloderm) is used as a barrier for the implant to be fixed at the most appropriate position.

Capsular contracture is the main cause of breast revision surgery. Usually, we will cut off the epithelium or remove it and also change the plane of the implant, i.e. depth, during the revision surgery. Alloderm used in this case means that the implant would be covered by the product.

The artificial skin(alloderm) minimizes the possibility of the capsular contracture, and acts as a barrier between the implant and the patient’s immune system. Also, through this, the epithelium becomes really thin.

As for the reconstructive surgery, the incidence rate of the capsular contracture is decreased from 10~16% to 5% when using the artificial skin.

The sagging of the breasts is caused because the skin becomes really thin after the breast augmentation. The skin becomes thin quickly if the implant is too heavy or as the patient gets older. Normally, one would consider breast lifting is such cases but we could use the artificial skin(alloderm) so that it supports the implant therefore avoiding the sagging breast.

Rippling and wrinkling: This is normally found with patients who are thin. We use the artificial skin(alloderm) by covering the implant from the top on the part where there is refilling or wrinkling.

Many patients apply the methods mentioned above for the revision surgeries. Statistically, we have seen great improvements with the capsular contracture, and some with the sagging breasts and the wrong positioning of the implants.

However, we see many recurrences of refilling or wrinkling even after the artificial skin so we do not have much statistically significant data for such cases.

Today, we looked at how artificial skin is used on the breast re-surgeries. In summary, we can say that the artificial skin is used only when it is necessary for re-surgeries or re-constructive surgeries. Also there is a high cost for it.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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