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Spreading breast when lying down (natural breast) 

Do the breasts spread apart after textured correction when you lie down? (Natural breasts / unnatural breasts)


The question above is about the natural look after the breast augmentation surgery
Natural breasts tend to spread apart when lying down, but the breasts with implants do not spread naturally but stay stiff- therefore, there are many who are concerned about this unnatural effect.

To share the conclusion first, the textured implant closely sticks to the breast tissue and moves together therefore, it does not spread too much outwards but it looks quite natural.

In order to give you an explanation on this, we need to share the academic trend of breast augmentation surgery.
Before, the pocket for the implant was made so that there is much space so that the implant moves about freely. So a lot of the surgeons used smooth type implant so that the implant could move in all four directions.

That is why there were advertisements that the breasts look natural because the implants spread out. There were many massages in order to maintain this space.
Many thought that such correction would lead to smooth breasts, that move about easily, and also feels good because there is much space, and also minimized the risk of having epithelium.

But, the implants moving about freely means that, if you touch the breasts then you would know that there is something artificial inside.
The implants spreading outwards when lying down are different from how the tissue inside your body spreads out. Therefore, if you only focus on having breasts that spread outwards resulting in excess spread, there is no method to fix such problem.


Also large pockets led to bleeding, pain, and various other side-effects. Also massaging has become one of the inconveniences caused due to the correction.

The trend today is to have just enough pocket size fitting for the implant. This is to prevent any side effects that may be caused by limiting the size of the pocket. (The term “24 hour recovery system” came out from this aspect)

Textured breast implant is most appropriate for minimized pocket size. Also, you would not need any massaging after this

There are some internet advertisements that say that you do not need massaging because of the textured breast implant. This may lead to some misunderstanding.
Minimized pocket space for the correction leads to avoiding the massages. It is not because of the textured implant.
Also the textured implant sticks to the skin and moves together with the skin so one must avoid massaging. (Massaging is to separate the implant from the skin).

Therefore, minimized pocket size, textured breast implant and no massage have become a trend. In such case, you would have breasts that spread out as much as those on the picture below.

Person lying down after breast correction with 
anatomic shaped, textured, 290gram implant

Also, the advantage is that if you touch the breast, the implant moves along with the breast so you will not be able to feel that you have the implant.

The extent to how much your breasts spread with textured would be definitely less that the smooth implants.

But, if you are concerned about
How long will the natural shape last?
Will the volume of the breast remain the same although I get old?
Is there no problem of defect?

Then, you would not have to worry as much. These are the contents that are more important. The cohesive gel product of Anatomic shaped textured implant is the one product most fitting.

Thank you for reading.

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