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Ptosis correction

How your eyes look determines 90% of your first impression.

One would not know how difficult eye surgery is if he/she is not in this field There are many people who think of eye surgery as something easy to do, but there is no other surgery that needs as much delicacy as this.

"Ptosis” is a difficult word, so there are many who do not know the difference between the ptosis correction and the double eyelid surgery.

The look of the eyes that determine your first impression; there are many who seek to have ptosis correction because of this reason. Ptosis correction refers to pulling the eye or muscle to make the eye look bigger.

Those who do not know the difference between the ptosis correction and the double eye-lid correction ask questions such as “what are the differences between the ptosis correction and the double eye-lid correction” and “can you do both corrections simultaneously?”

Ptosis correction also involves controlling the eye-lids and incising a part of the eye-lids.

A scalpel (knife used for surgery) is used to cut the skin. This would lead to a scar or a wound therefore the surgeon needs to cut the eye-lid.

Ptosis correction leads to double eyelids. If one wants to have a ptosis correction, then the incision on the eyelid is necessary therefore, leading to double eyelids.

Side view of the eyelid

Before and After Ptosis correction

Not everyone can do the ptosis correction.
This is a major eye surgery because the surgeon needs to work on the inner part of the eyelid as well.
So it is important the one talks with the surgeon and do the surgery if necessary.

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  1. This comprises removal of excess pouches on the lower lids and excess folds on the upper eyelids. This form of reconstructive surgery will give an individual a more youthful and rested look.
    Neha Verma


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