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Which is better? Nasal septum cartilage or Ear cartilage? (Rhinoplasty) 

Q) Doctor, which one do you use? The nasal septum cartilage or the ear cartilage? Which of the two is better?

A) This is one of the most common questions asked for the nose job(rhinoplasty) . The answer is simple. Those who need to use the nasal septum cartilage uses this and those who need the ear cartilage uses the ear cartilage. This is the answer.

We do not use the cartilage in order to make the nose higher. All are used for the tip of the nose.
There are two ways that one can make of nose tip higher. One is to put something in the nose and the other is to make a pillar.

Nasal septum cartilage and the ear cartilage can be used in both ways.
So one cannot say which is better than the other.

If you put your finger insider the nose, then there are substances on the wall that separates the nose holes.
The wall itself is a mucous membrane so it is a little wet and smooth. It also feels strong.
There is a cartilage within the membrane. This is called nasal septum cartilage.

We extract this to support and push up the nose tip.
Of course, this too can be done with the ear cartilage as well.
However, normally the ear cartilage is roundly shaped so it is better to use this to put on top of the nose.

Nasal septum cartilage can be cut into small pieces and used to put on top of the nose tip as well.

There are times when we use both the nasal septum cartilage and the ear cartilage.

Then who needs to put the cartilage on top? And who needs the cartilage to support the pillar?

This too, is simple.

Touch your nose tip lightly couple of times.
Someone might have a nose tip that is strong. In such case, you can put the cartilage on top of it.
If the nose tip is weak, then the nose might bend and the cartilage may move to some other location. Therefore, one needs the cartilage to support as a pillar.

If your nose is bent originally, too short or too long, or if you want your nose to be really high, then you might use a lot of cartilages. In such case, we must use the nasal septum cartilage and we might additionally use the ear cartilage.

Thank you for reading.

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