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Things to consider before a breast surgery

There are many who are curious about our real time minotoring system, therefore I would like to introduce the system to you all.

Although the purpose for it’s application is saddending, real time monitoring system was applied to build up the trust between the patient and the clinic. The patient’s trust on the doctor is strong in developed countries such as US or Japan and such trust was not built up in a day or two but in many years.

Our country has developed really quickly and the idea of capitalism entered our country really easily. This is why the hospitals are also focused on earing money and expansion leading to bad perception from the patients. The patients think that the hospitals are only concerned with making money and power hungry doctors.

Also, national insurance cannot be applied to cosmetic surgeries therefore cosmetic surgeries tha consume much money have lost more trust of the patients.

There are many patients who visit 5 to 10 clinics before coming to us, as it is located in Gang-nam. As I see more of such patients, I think that the doctor and the patient have been distanced very far apart.

We used to call such behavior “doctor shopping” when I was in school. It is not the doctor who decides on the proper procedure and method for the patient, but it is the patient who chooses the doctor and the clinic just like when they are shopping for something.

Doctor shopping can be one of the characteristics of the IT world that we are living in today, but there has been too much commercial influence on this. The consumers are searching for cheap surgeries, and the clinics are marketing on low cost as well leading to a fierce price competition and what we call low price, high volume strategy.
Low price, high volume is appropriate if you conduct many surgeries. If one doctor has to take care of treatment, surgery, post-surgery treatment, the hourly cost would not be higher than the profit earned.

In order to get to the break even point, there are many clinics that use a “shadow surgeon” method. This method includes different person for each process. A consulting staff before the surgery, a doctor for pre-surgery treatment, and a doctor dedicated to only the surgery itself. This helps to save time, as the patient can move onto the next process without any boundaries. It would be more time consuming if one doctor has to take care of all these processes. This woul lead to low price, high volume and highest hourly revenue as well.

The first doctor to think of such process should be acknowledge in economic world but this is ethically and morally wrong for the doctor. Surgery should not be perceived economically. The management has to hire shadow surgeon at low income to save costs. This would not gurantee quality. Also, one person has to repeat his/her task one after another, therefore, a loss in concentration could lead to medical accident. Also, the surgeon would be somebody absolutely new to the patient therefore, the surgery itself could be a lie and a cheat to the patient.

When I was in school, the students would take care of the pre and post surgical treatment with the professor perfomrning the main surgery. This might have been right at that time, but when I come to think of it right now, it might not make sense. However, the residents spend more time with the patient in the university hospital more so than the professors. This is different to that of shadow surgeon in a small clinic.
There are xx clinics that are opening in all districts today. These are more of an “office clinics” that are focused solely in making money and appropriate to the system today. A person (not a doctor, but a business man) with marketing ability sits as the persident and manages the hospital. The clinics can only be opened by those with medical license so the beginning doctors or very cheap income doctors are hired to sit in such position. Such clinics have never ending medical accidents. There are lots of personal and civil complatins, but those presidents with much know-how can still bring in more patients.

Such clinics disappear in 2~3 years and the doctors are changed as well. This is one way to avoid taxation, medical inspection, etc. The patients who have suffered damages during this time cannot be compensated properly because everything has changed and the owner of the clinic is hiding behind somewhere.

Anyway, how do you think that we can differentiate such clinics from proper ones? I think that this is nearly impossible. There is no way if the owner is hiding or not, if the president of the clinic is fake or not or when the clinic will disappear.

Real time monitoring system is applied to cover up the mistrust between the patient and the doctor. This is just a policy. This system might temporarily make the patient to trust you but it cannot change the root or the origin of the mistrust.

I feel sad that I have to share what is happening int he operating room through the CCTV> However, this is the only method that can help the patients at the present moment. I don’t think that there is no other way to slowly build up trust between the patient and the doctor without this.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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