Treatment and follow-up service after Breast augmentation surgery

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Getting to know about breast augmentation

Today I would like to share details on treatment and follow-up service of breast augmentation.

‘Treatment’ refers to activites that involve taking care of the wound, protecting the scar and bleeding, stabilizing  the surgery area, dressing, and prescribing medication.

Treatment means
Sterilizing the wound and providing dressing for it
Applying pressure bandage
Prescribing / injecting antibiotics, pain killers
Providing painless injecting
Providing drainage tubes
Removing stitches

Treatment is mostly conducted by the nurses

Follow-up service refers to checking up on the patient to see if she is on the proper recovery process after the surgery, and proving appropriate care when necessary.

There are those patients who think that it would be more comfortable if they could as for whatever they want just like what the people do as they ask for specific spots when getting a massage. It is important to check if the patient is at a normal recovery status rather than doing what the patient wants.

Laser treatment for wound should be decided after finding out if there is pigmentation or not. Those with redness would only make it worse with the laser toning. But, there are those who want laser toning no matter what because they have paid some amount for treatment. I actually do not know what to do in such cases.

There is no preset process for follow-up service as it is with treatment. Follow-up service is conducted differently case by case.  There are various types of follow-up service such as,

Swelling, Helium-neon laser
Fulguration, managing pain
Hand massage ; to enlarge the breast skin (only for tight skin)
Ultrasonography ; To check if there is anythin wrong with the implant and surrounding area
Caring the wound, scar ; taping, laser toning, injecting, whitening etc

This is what I have for treatment and follow-up service.

There are many of those who are confused on the two. Maybe it is because they do not know the difference between treatment and follow-up service. Also, it may be because many think that follow-up is something similar to a social service.

Both treatment and follow-up service are medical actions. Medical actions are only to be conducted by the experts through their accurate decisions. Such are decided through examining ont the patient staturs and progress.

I believe that our clinic has all the experience and know-how in conducting treatment and foolow-up service for all types of patients. If you think that you need something after a surgery, please be sure to share about it with the doctor and the nurses.

Thank you for reading. Have a good night.

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