How to make the thread lifting effect last for a long time

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Today, I would like to post on something that many of those who get thread lifting ask about.

There are those who say that thread lifting is very effective at first but the effect goes away very quickly.

Many people know that thread lifting is not a permanent thing and the effect disappears as the face skin sag, but they are also curious about what to do in order to have the effect last for as long as possible.

First, the sagging pattern of the face needs to be suitable for thread lifting. (This is very important)

Second, the thread must be applied at the appropriate spot and it needs to pull the skin in the right way.

Third, the thread needs to be strong and it needs to be durable by not having much straing on it.

There are many things to talk about, but today, I would like to focus on the fixation point and the pulling method.

We put in the thread at the spot above the earflap and send it to the point of the skin where we want to pull up.

We can remove the thread or leave it as it is.

The point where the thread comes out differs according to the target area of which we want to have the surgical effect, but the input spot is always the same, at the upper part of the earflap. What is the reason behind?

The skin where the thread is inputted must be fixed (there needs to be a spot where supports the process). The fixation point needs hard with strong bearing power in order for the the pulling effect to last for a long time.

The temple would be such a spot in the upper face. This area would include the temple as well as the fascia. The fascia is located very close to the skin and is very  tough and does not stretch easily therefore is used as a fixation spot for thread lifting.

Whatever type the thread it, if it does not have a solid fixation spot, the thread would not be able to have enough power to pull the skin. The pulling strength would disperse upwards and downwards.

When the thread penetrates through the skin, it must uniformly penetrate through the subcutaneous fat and SMAS. The penetrating direction needs to be appropriate for the soft tissue masses that form the face.

The end of the thread needs to go straight into the wrinkle line of the target part and the amount of threads used is depended on the depth of the wrinkle.

There are various methods for thread lifting and one cannot say which is better than the other. The doctor’s decion on the method through his / her experience is the best method that can be applied.

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