Solution to skin sagginess after facial bone contour surgery

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There was a wave of facial contour surgery in the early or mid 2000’s for about 10 years.
At the time, the nose and eye surgery were popular but there were some doctos who said that they can make your faces smaller and make it look like a westerner’s by shaving off the facial bone, breaking it and gixing it again. Young women became aware of this and it became popular. Many clinics were formed near the Kangnam area.

Some cosmetics clinics conducted surgeries for bone structure problem such as bimaxillary (Two jaw) surgery. Some dentist and cosmetic clinics conducted some inappropriate procedures as well.

There was no end to the crazy demand and such illegal procedures. However, a lot of celebrities and others became more aware of the side effect and problems that were caused. The demand for bimaxillary (Two jaw) surgery started to decrease.

Bimaxillary  (Two jaw) surgery is one that makes your face smaller or changes the structure by breaking  or polishing facial bones. But, Korea is the only country where this operation is demanded much for cosmetic reasons.

The main purpose for cosmetic surgery is to make you look younger, and make your body look better (i.e. antiaging, BOTOX, filler, fat transplanation, breast augmentation, etc) There are cases where people want to change the original facial structure. There was a time when such demand was great in Korea.

The bimaxillary  (Two jaw) surgery should be conducted only in situations that it is necessary and there is no alternative. However, it was conducted without any appropriate reason. Such application of the bimaxillary  (Two jaw) surgery led to much claims from the patients.

One of which is the sagging of the face.

Why does bimaxillary  (Two jaw) surgery make your facial skin sag?

The answer is simple when you know about the bone structure. Bone is one of the many that maintains the shape of the body. It also supports the muscle that helps you move your body.

The bone is to support the facial skin and fat as well. If you conduct cheekbone surgery, the bone at the point where the skin, fat, fascia, muscle meet needs to be broken. In order to break the bone, the skin in the mid face must be removed with the bone broken. Therefore, the skin cannot get back to its orginal location properly. This causes facial skin to sag and your cheek to sag.

What happens if you correct square looking jaw?

The jawbone is suppose to stick outwards so that the masticatory muscle can be placed there as well. But if you cut off the jawbone, many problems start to arise to the skin that holds the jawbone. If there is much bleeding caused here, it could lead to an urgent situation for the patient.

Jawbone correction is conducted to correct the jaw that sticks outwards on both sides. The skin under the bone that is shaved off needs to stay there but the skin rather sags down.

Such problem can be ignored when correcting a square face by just cutting off the jawbone, but the longer the bone that needs to be shaved, the more sagging the skin / muscle becomes.

Facial contour from the front view is important but the edge of the jawbone should not be sharp. The  boundary between the face and the neck needs to be sharp in order for you to look sophisticated but if you shave off the jawbone, this boundary becomes dull due to the sagging skin. You might hear that the correction was successful but it seems that there is still something wrong.

There would be a negative impact on your looks if the boundary between your face and neck is dull

Your skin is more elastic when you are young, so you may not have much proble, But as you get older, your skin loses tension and this leads to sagging of the skin.

Those young patients who go bimaxillary operation during the peak period of 2000~2012 are now in their 30’s~40’s. In a few years time, when they become 40’s ~ 50’s,, they would suffer more problem with porblems stated above.

You cannot restore the bone that has been cut off. Therefore, we need to pully up the skin that slides down with the cutting of the bone. However, the patients are too young to apply face lifting, i.e. bimaxillary operation. Therefore, minimal lifting is required to fix the side effects. Thread lifting would be the best solution.

The thread should be fixed on the temporal region for fixing the sagging effect after the cheekbone surgery. The thread should connect nasolabial fold, and ths cheek skin. This is similar to that of other antiaging methods. The pulling strength depends on how much your skin is sagging.

If the thread lifting is not effective enough, then other methods such as ulcera / ultraformer or accusculpt / fat absoption can be conducted.

Such sagging effect from the bimaxillary  (Two jaw) surgery is caused due to the rold that the bone shaved off plays therefore instead of recovering the bone, we need to lift that sagging skin up. But a you age, the skin loses elasticity and tends to sag again.
Therefore, just like the other anti-aging methods, you need to get repeated treatments.

This is all for today, thank you for reading.
have a good day.

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