U-shaped thread for thread lifting

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Basic knowledge of anti-aging

Today, I would like to share about U-shaped thread for face thread lifting.

There are basically two types of threads, melting one and non-melting one. There is a non- melting thread called aptos, however this is not used today. The threads used today are all melting ones.

The melting threads can also be classifed into two groups, one with hooks and the other without any hooks. The hooks are used for strong lifting. We call the threads without the hooks, mono threads. You might wonder how no hook threads can lift up the skin? However, these threads are also very effective in providing anti-aging effect. The no-hook thread acts as a stimulant and gathers fiberous tissue making the skin come together. The hook is designed for lifting but the thread without the hook is used to tightening.

Most procedures mix the use of threads with and without the hook to provide anti-aging effect. There are many types of threads with hook also. There are hooks that are ties up or shaped like a cone. The most common one is the hook. The hook can be made by cutting or by sticking the cog. So there are many who are concerned with the thread being weak because it is somewhat damaged by the cutting.

There are U-shape and I-shape for cog thread. U-shaped cog has the most strength to maintain the lifting power. The principle behind is one fixation spot is not enough for the tensile strength therefore the fixation is done with the whole thread itself.

There is a procedure where the surface is used for the fixation. This would lead to strong resisting power but if the fixation space is wide, there must be more anesthesia used and there would be more pain with the suage of more substances.
Therefore, u-shaped cog thread is used most commonly.

Today, we shared various threading methods and a focus on the u-shaped thread for lifting.

Thank you and have a good day.

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