Lifting by mono thread (Tightening)

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Non-invasive antiaging methods

Today, I would like to continue with sharing more information on mono thread, ie. thread without any hooks, for face lifting.

Its more close to tightening rather than lifting. Mono thread does not have a hook like that on the cloth hanger, therefore, is cannot have a lifting power without a fixation point.

Tightening effect is very important in making the face look younger. It is applied for improving on the whole face and neck on skin elasticity, forehear, eyes, double chin, marionette line, and nasobial wrinkles.

Also, there are  other modification of mono thread such as twin thread (two pieces of thread tangled) and tornado thread (tornado shaped mono thread). I mostly use the tornado thread.

Mono thread penetrates through the wrinkles and works at the opposite direction of the gravity from bottom to top, and in cross strip shape.

The more thread you use, the better the tightening effect.

Cog thread goes beneath the subbutaneous fat in order to fix on the fascial plane, but the mono thread is applied near the derma. There are those who are worried about sticking out effect on the thread because it is applied to close to the skin, but that much thin thread is used with a very thin needle, therefore, you do not need to be worried.

When using the mono thread  near marionette line, one penetrates through the marionette line, and the other is diagonally penetrated, so that the two crosses one another.

The mono thread is put in vertically with the marionette line, and the other set of threads are used for crossing one another. The more the thread are use, the better the tightening effect as well.

Then there are those who question on which thread to use. Should I use cog thread or mono thead for tightening effect?

The answer is a mixture of both. There is no one common aging effect, there are a mixture of various aging effects. You might have to use Botox on the forehead, use mono thread and Botox together for mid part of the forehead, combination of mono thread and cog thread for marionette line,  and filler ,skin botox, combination of cog and mono thread on marionette line.

Today, I wrote a brief summary on the application of mono thread for face lifting. It would be good if you check what kind of aging effects are happening to you and then decide on what procedure to take.

Thank you and have a good day.

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