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Today, I would like to share about how to make a V-line.
V-line means sharp looking chin line. There are mainly two reasons on why such chin line is wanted by many.

The first reason is because as your lower face look bigger, it feels unsophisticated and blunt. If the lower part of your face is small, it would look sleek and sophisticated.
The other reason is that as you get older the lower part of your face become more square-like. Sharp looking chin line would make you look much younger.
The main objectives are V-line lifting are sophisticate look and anti-aging affect. Both these two objectives can be satisfied.

There might be those who question the difference between V-line and marionette line lifting.
V-line lifting is a broader term and it includes marionette line lifting. Marionette line lifting is used to improve on the marionette line around your mouth but pulling it upwards. V-line includes the bone, skin, fat, muscle, etc therefore it can also include marionette line in some aspect.

First, we need to improve on the square looking face that is caused by the hanging down cheek skin. I would recommend invasive thread lifting to solve this.
The method used here would be almost identical with the marionette line lifting method. One added step is using the screw lifting thread at the lower chin bone.

Second, if there is obese or thickening effect on the cheek muscle, this would result in square looking face. This can be improved with the usage of Botox.
Botox is put at the lower part of the face making the muscle smaller during the masticatory movement, and makes the square looking part of the face thinner.
The actual objective of this method is not antiaging but face contouring but such improvement on the face also leads to positive antiaging effect.

Thirdly, tightening method such ultraformer/ulcera that use ultrasound head is also included as v-line lifting method. The cheek line is located at the lower part of the face therefore there is much pulling down power on it. Therefore using ultrasound tightening method such as ultraformer / ulcera helps maintain elasticity of the skin.

Most of the time, such tightening method is applied on to the whole face. This is help avoid hanging down effect at the bottom of the face.

Fourth, is the tightening of the lower cheek line. This is one part that people usually do not consider in v-line lifting but this is medically very important.

As a person gets older, the sharp lines of the face become dull. The line from the chin to the neck is very important when you compare that of an older person to that of a younger one. The skin on the neck hangs down and the line at the chin and the neck becomes dull.

I will cover more about this in the future when sharing about how to correct a double chin, but this too is a core element of v-line.
We usually combine screw lifting and Botox, but we can also apply fat transplantation for a sever case.
Today, I shared about v-line lifting. Thank you for reading.

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