Trend and direction of antiaging procedure

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Today, I would like to share about wrinkle and anti-aging procedure that patients in age group of 20’s to 60’s are curious about.

Traditional invasive surgery such as face lift can be very costly and risky. Today, I would like to share procedures that are more convenient and less bothering to your daily life.
Antiaging is one topic that everyone around the world are interested in. There are various methods of surgeries and procedures for it. The current trend is that many think of antiaging as not just one time surgery but think of it as one of the skin treatment procedure.

Instead of wanting a permanent effect, many are selecting simple, cheap antiaging procedures (have temporary effect) and taking this treatment repeatedly.
Such non-invasive, simple, and cheap methods are increasing in number every year and many are taking more interest in these methods.
Non-invasive antiaging methods can be largely divided into three.

1. Injecting method
Botox, filler are few examples.
Botox refers to botulinum toxin that prevents the formation of expression wrinkles. The most effective part of the face for Botox are the wrinkles around forehead, mid forehead, eyes are other areas.

Filler is used to fill up a certain part and is very different from Botox.
The most representative is hyalography neuron type. This does not have any side effect and can be melted if there is a problems therefore it is less dangerous to use. The disadvantage of this is that it has temporary effect that last about 1~2 years.
Both Botox and filler need to be used regularly. Also, both have temporary effect which could be both good and bad. If you are unsatisfied with the result of both, then you can wait for it to melt and disappear.

Contour, PPC, obesity, body contouring injections are all part of injecting procedures.

2. Usage of laser and other equipment
Themage, Ultraformer, Ulthera are the popular ones. There are also others such as Praxel, ND-Yag lasers.

Themage and Ulthera are not actual laser but are ultrasound energy that penetrates through the skin, collect heat and tighten the skin.
Such methods that would equipment cannot be categorized as lifting but is closer to tightening. If there is a change in protein level, the body itself recovers automatically after some time therefore this procedure must be repeated again in the future.
Tightening methods with the aid of laser or other equipment are a supplementary methods that could be used.

3. Thread lifting
Thread lifting is the most popular method these days. There are various types of threads and the application of this method is broad as well. The most representative method is the PDO, but there are other methods that are widely applied as well.
PDO thread is a stitching fiber that melts after 3~4 months she used on the body. There are many who question who this melting thread can maintain the lifting effect.
Such threads help the combination of collagen leading to the tightening of the skin.
Therefore, although the thread melts, the structural change leads to antiaging and cosmetic effect.

The thread was actually used on the basis of the collagen tightening effect. But, in order for the lifting to take place, we need something that would pull the skin and have that anchoring effect. This is why the threads with bumps came out to the market.
We call these threads as cog threads. The thread sticks to the skin like a hanger, and the top part pulls the skin to have that lifting effect.
This is how lifting method can lead to both tightening and lifting effect.

Today, I introduced simple explanation of non-invasive antiaging methods that are popular today. You can use one method to get good effect or you can use all three effects. This is all for today.
Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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