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Indian band refers to the wrinkle on the face that looks like the painted line on the face of the American Indians. Some call this a cat wrinkle as well.

The reason for indian band is the thick ligament on the face, ie. the combination of various dangling fixing structures. Indian band is located below the tear trough, and between the upper and midface. The facial part where there are much freckles are at the outer side of the indian band therefore some people think that the indian band is sever due to the freckles.

Indian band also forms similarily shaped wrinkles as the marionette line or nasolabial fold but the shape and state are a little different. Indian band is a lightly formed wrinkle and there is not much fat build on top of it.

Indian band looks black but this is due to the freckles on the wrinkle. There is a coloring from the fore cheek to the outer side and this looks like freckles making the face look darker. This would also look like a dark line at the point where there is a groove. The difference between the indian band and others is that, it is related with the skin coloring and that it is a thin lining. At times, the indian band makes shades on the face making the face look darker. For this reason, the patients want to get it treated.

The most common treatment for the indian band is the usage of the filler. Fat transplantation and coloring treatment are simultaneously carried out as well.

1. Filler;
This is the most effective, quick, simple and cheapest method. The filler used on the indian band is hyalography neuron and is applied lightly on the skin. The problem with this is that when we inject in the filler, we would like the substance to stay at the spot where we want it to be, but the filler disperses into other parts making this non-effective.

In order to avoid the dispersing of the filler due to the pressure around, one needs to prepare tunneling, and remove pressure from the lower ligaments.

2. Threding ;
We us a thread that is inputted vertically for the indian band. Few number of very thin threads are put in through the surface. The collagen gets mixed with the thread and combines with the skin causing wounded skin as well. Such change in the skin tissue resist the indian band. But from my experience until today, threading itself is not enough to prevent indian band. Threading can be done along with the filler as a complement.

3. Coloring ;
Laser toning is used various times in order to treat the freckles. Whitening injection treatment is applied together as well. The coloring treatment can be applied with other methods mentioned above in order to treat and improve on the indian band.
Today, I share some details on the indian band. I hope that these contents have helped you out.
Thanks and have a great day.

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