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Today, Botox has become very popular and something that everyone knows about. But, in the 70’s it could not be used as a medical substance. Today, I would like to share about this innovative medicine, botulium toxin.

Botox is a toxin from clostridium botulinum. There are two types of toxin, type A and type B. Botox refer to the type A one. In the early 70’s a ophthalmologist, Dr. Allen Scott used the botulinum toxin to correct cross-eye. This is the beginning of its usage. Dr.

Allen Scott establish a company called Occulinum that got a DFA approval for this medication. Allergan later acquired the company and started to sell botulium toxin A labeled as Botox.

Dr. Carruther, an eye specialist in Canada, with her wife in 1987 found out that botulium toxin applied on the eye spasm led to removal of the wrinkles around. Then they applied it to the forehead of an assistance in the hospital. This was the first case of using botulium toxin on the forehead to remove the wrinkles.

In 1992, Dr Carruther recorded that botulium toxin type A was effective for the wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial line and wrinkles on the chin. As the same time, there were many organizations in US that announced the clinical testing results of botulium toxin.

As time passed, botulium toxin developed at great speed and was applied together with other anti-aging materials. It was used as a complement for laser treatment and cosmetic procedures that improved on the square type jaw.

The products came out in more variety. There are many company that sell not only Botox but also Dysport, Botulax, Xeomin, Meditoxin, etc.

Botox started to replace various surgical procedures. Those who used to conduct square reluctant surgery or muscle reduction surgery started to use Botox to reduce mastication muscle.

1995, it was known that Botox helped treat the sweating on the hand palm, foot, armpit, etc. This was the turning point for replacement of various surgeries.
(Practical botox bible, Soogeun Lee and others, 2003. Medical cultural history).
Botox usage was expanded to cosmetic area such as retracting calf muscle, correcting nedch and shoulder line, etc.

Its usage covered facial spasm, wry neck, migraine, and other nerve related areas. It can be used when you want a cosmetic surgery to correct your eyes, lips or nose.

The limitation of Botox is the durability and effectiveness. I expect there to be more advancement in the durability and effectiveness of Botox in the near future with more clinical testing and experimentation.

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