Explanation of Dermal fixing breast lift for sagging breast

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Sagging breast correction

Many do not understand the cause of sagging breasts. If you think that correcting the sagging breasts is the same as lifting the sagging skin on your face, then you are mistaken. Sagging breasts correction is picking up something at the bottom and hanging it at the top. Sagging breast correction, especially for those Korean women who are small and thin, should be differentiated from the classical sagging breasts correction.
First, the implant is put in below the pectoralis muscle by applying the dual plan method and this should benefit the effect of having to be pulled up together to the part above the pectoralis muscle. The pectoralis muscle fascia is connected with outer skin of the breast and derma organization that leads to such results.

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Second, as the implant goes into the breast, if forms a tightening effect by pulling on the skin resulting in optimized elastic feeling on the breast. Dual plane method for the implant makes you feel that the breast has been pulled upwards. This is very important to those Korean women who are really thin and do not have much fat in the upper body. It is important for the implant to fill up the volume on the upper part of the breast.

Third, we can remove the areola and the nipple to the upper location. This transfer gives enough lifting effect to the Koreans. If you have thick skin and your original breasts are comparably big, then we need to pull up the deep skin upwards to see positive results.

These are the three applicable methods in correcting sagging breasts for Korean women’s body. You will be able to understand better with the aid of the images.
Thank you very much for reading. Have a good day.

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