Unsatisfying factors after sagging breast surgery

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Unsatisfying factors after correcting breast ptosis

Today, I would like to share about some unsatisfying factors after the mastopexy surgery (breast ptosis, sagging breast lifting surgery)

This is not as common as breast augmentation so people have some knowledge on it from the internet but they are not aware about the dissatisfying factors that may be caused compared to the much knowledge that they have regarding the problem and side effect of breast augmentation.

The first dissatisfying factor is the shape (Peak point is rather flat)

Designing on how to correct the sagging breasts needs much skill and experience as there may be unexpected problems. There are many comments that the breasts do not look good after the lifting.

Usually we ties up the surrounding of the nipple. The nipple needs to point outwards but it stays flat at the peak point of the breast. In such case, we need to minimize the ‘scar’ caused therefore we conduct incision on the diameter of the areola and conduct lifting on the donut-like shape.

In order to prevent this flatness at the peak point, vertical incision is recommended.

Vertical incision helps fix the sagging of the skin tissue, and make the breast look in ideal shape.

If the breast gland does not sag, but only the nipple does, then we do not need to apply the vertical incision...........

The second dissatisfying factor is that you may not like to position of the nipple / areola

The nipple and the areola must be located at the peak point of the breast in order to look good cosmetically. If you disregard the position of the areola and the nipple when they are located towards the bottom of the breast and insert an implant, the implant would make the breast look larger but the nipple would fall below the breast gland facing downwards. This would end up in very unsatisfying shape of the breast.

Also, if the surgeon designs the correction so that the areola is placed too much at the top part of the breast, this would also look weird. (We call this false ptosis)

If you want to position the nipple and areola right at the peak of the breast then the surgeon must estimate how much breast tissue to lift up when designing the procedure. You need to conduct the procedure as planned to make the position correct but this may not always happen therefore leading to further correction. There are more variables if you use an implant.

The third dissatisfying factor is the size of the breast

If you have large original breast, the usage of the implant may make you dissatisfied because your breast has become too big. But if you have small original breasts and use implants, you might be happy with the size but you can be unhappy with the skin elasticity and tightness.

If you have large original breasts, then it would better off to not use the implants when conducting lifting procedure. The implant would lead to added volume that may cause more variables…

Many people think that the “scar” might be the biggest problem but amazingly, there aren’t many complaints regarding scars after the correction. (The scars tend to go away easily after the correction)

Today, we share about the unsatisfying factors that might come up after breast ptosis correction.

Thank you for reading and have a great day..

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