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There are different types of sagging breasts. The correction method also changes according to the degree of sagging. Today, I would like to share different type of methods in solving the sagging breasts.

Most doctors differentiate sagging by observing the relationship between the location of the areola and the inframammary fold. (We call this Regnault’s classification)

I have shared details on the classification in my blog as well, but many people who have read it cannot actually know how their breasts are. Also, there are some exceptional cases. So, today, I would like to share just two concepts for all of you to understand easily.

Sagginess is caused by two reasons.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

The first is when the composition insider the breast sag. The compositions would be tissue cells and fat. The ligament stretch out while holding the composition leading to sagging of the breast.

Let’s call this ‘composition sagging’.

Then there is a case where the outer skin stretches out leading to sagging. Let’s call this ‘skin sagging’. This is caused because the skin is not elastic. In such case, both the nipple and the areola drop downwards as well.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

The composition sagging is caused because the original breast is large. The volume of the original breast is large (with much fat) which leads to quicker sagginess. There are times when the composition is sagging but the skin has much elasticity which helps to maintain the form of the breast properly. This usually happens to young women after pregnancy or after diet. The composition drops down but the young and strong skin supports this.

When the composition sags but the skin does not, we call this mammary gland ptosis. If this type of ptosis is not severe, we can use implant to correct it.

We need to move the inframammary fold line downwards therefore need to apply dual plane procedure.

Outer skin sagging without the composition sagging is very rare.

- Those women with large original breasts before pregnancy -

These women usually have composition sagging.
These women after giving birth will suffer from worse composition sagging that also leads to outer skin sagging.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

- Those who had small breasts before pregnancy -

These patients do not suffer much from composition sagging after giving birth as well, because of the small original breasts.... But they suffer breasts getting bigger during pregnancy and then the loss of volume after giving birth which leads to loss of skin elasticity.

This is where there is more of outer skin sagging compared to composition sagging.

We need to fill up the inside in order to strengthen skin elasticity. The loss of volume after giving birth is familiar to a balloon with a loss of air… this can be fixed with implant. Breast augmentation is good enough as a solution.

What if your areola is positioned so low that you want to change its location. We can move the areola at the desired spot in this case.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

 - A lady with somewhat large breast before pregnancy, but the breast sag after breastfeeding -

This is the most common case. It has in more than half the time. This is when there is composition sagging but not skin because the patient is still young.

As you get older and have more children, the skin starts to sag and the areola moves downwards as well. These patients need lifting correction in order to correct the composition sagging.

If the composition sagging is not severe without areola sagging, then dual plane procedure would be good enough.

As such, we need to know the degree of sagging and its form in order to provide solution for it.

There are many exercises that you can refer to on the internet in order to prevent your breasts from sagging, but in reality these exercises do not help you much.
Exercises are to make your muscles stronger, but sagging is caused when the tie between the muscle and the breast tissue becomes loose. It is not the muscle that is becoming loose.
Therefore, stronger and bigger muscle does not help avoid sagging.

Today, I share about the types of sagging breast, Thank you for reading.

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