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Removing foreign substance from the breasts

When we refer to foreign body, we define it as something that is originally not part of your body, but something that came in from the outside.

There are three distinctions of foreign body.

The first is one with enough medical experiments, findings and researches that the doctors have clinically proven safe and effective. Titanium used for tooth implant, correction items for facial contour surgery, artificial blood vessel items for blood vessel operation, artificial cohesive gel silicone implants and saline bags, artificial skin called AlloDerm, and hyaluronic acid fillers are some examples.

Second is those products that are certified by the government and FDA that are sold in the domestic market but are not yet clinically proven safe and effective by the doctors. A lot of these products have the title a ‘New product’.

AquaMid from PAAG was sold in Korea at about 2010 but there were many side effects and problems that led to the doctors avoiding its usage. It was sold under the name “Ahmad Gel” and many hospitals promoted it.

Also there was a production called aquafilling filler that was manufactured in Ukraine and brought into our country. The FDA approved its polyamide gel and there were many advertisements for it. But history repeats itself and I am worried that it does.

Third is the products with no certification and no clinical experiments conducted. Some are smuggled in from China and there is no origin. Parapin, Vaselin, liquid silicone, industrial silicone, bean oil filler are some examples.

One must be more careful about the foreign body for the breasts. The foreign substance that are used in the breasts may cause damage on the breeding function for those ladies preparing to be a mother.

This is a common sense, but there are those women who ‘bravely’ use these foreign substances on their bodies.

I don't think that I need to talk about the first case. Let’s go into the details of the third case.
Patients in the third case get their procedures in the places that are poor for any type of medical activities.

'Injection lady' carries injection in her bag which nobody knows where it came from. The fillers that some fake cosmetic surgery clinics use are such items.

The side effects are visible right away if you take in these products. Rather, they give you more positive result when applied compared to other proper products. The feel of touch is much better as well.

Before using half solid cohesive gel, we use to use liquid silicone a lot (in US and EU. Why do you think this was? Liquid silicone feels much better than the cohesive gel. It is not comparable. It is very soft. But if some problem arises and you cannot remove that problem, this becomes a nightmare.

Whenever a foreign substance enters the body, it carries biofilm, a very thin microorganism film layer. It cannot do anything if your body’s immunity is good enough but starts some activity if your immunity falls down to some level.

You might have fever, pain and swelling in your breasts. Pus can be formed as well.

If you do not remove the pus properly, get inflammation treated or use antibiotics, the fat in your breasts will die down and the breasts will loose their shape. The fat rots from within.

If you want to remove such fake fillers, then you would need to know exactly where the substance is.

Most of the people who apply these fake fillers on you, do not do so in good environment therefore, they cannot put in the filler deep in such places as below the pectoralis muscle. They put it in somewhere close to the skin, near epidermis and subcutaneous layer. We can know where the filler is by using the ultrasonic test and then plan on the removal.

We need to choose inframammary fold incision or areola incision for the removal. If there are too much foreign substance, then we need to do both incisions.

We cannot know how sterilized the fake fillers are, but without the inflammation, these substances can become hard and start to disturb the patient.

There can be strong hard bubbles located here and there that can also move about. If such bubbles lead to necrosis or ulcer then you are in an emergency situation.

This is all for now regarding these fake fillers. Let’s move on two the second type of fillers.

Hyaluronic acid have enzyme restrictions therefore one can melt it. But, there are those fillers that you cannot manually melt for a long period of time.

If you have a method of melting the filler 100%, then there is no problem.

The problem arises when there is no way to melt these fillers.

Aquamid fillers are composed of 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide. These are made by Contura International and are sold in some EU countries without FDA approval.

It was widely popular in China but there are many problems that led to ban in sales.
There were some patients who used this on the breasts.

We need to apply inframammary fold or areola incision and remove all the gel that is visible. We should not be too greedy in removing the gel as we might hurt the normal cells in the breasts.

Ahmad Gel from PAAG that was smuggled in 2011 led to the arrests of doctors and the importers.

Aquafilling filler is composed for 98% polyamide and 2% water and is made in Ukraine.It got approved by the FDA so it is legally used but there are no data regarding its safety in any medical journals.

In order to remove this, we need to combine saline liquid and hyaluronic acid and inject this into the breast. If necessary, we need to conduct incision and remove the filler manually.

Today, I shared details on removing foreign body from the breasts. It is important that you do not use fake fillers at the first place. But if you are a patient who did not know about this earlier and are suffering, there are improvements that can be made and you can treat the side effects.

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