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Today, I would like to share about #microthane (micro polyurethane) implant. There are many who think that #microthaneimplants are only good for preventing capsular contracture, but I would like to share more specific details on it.

Microthane implant refers to a breast implant made of #Micropolyurethane foam. Only the exterior is different and it is composed to silicone gel just like any other implants. In the 1960’s the outer shell, i.e. the coating of the silicone gel, was smooth type. This smooth type shell was good in all regards for #breastimplants. It felt good, it was not expensive and was not complicated to use. but it had one problem, capsular contracture. With the rise of this problem, the manufacturers of implants came up with a new achievement, an implant with polyurethane shell.

What happens if you put polyurethane on the implant? Polyurethane can be found on architectural and home interior products and it is in overlapped and mixed structure. The tissue cells are grown between this structure. When the implant goes into the body, the contracture is formed but it is not formed as a whole but dispersed. Therefore, the actual formation of capsular contracture is really low.

Microthane does not have capsular contracture incidence rate of 0%. The incidence rate is low. It restricts the capsular contracture with the fibers that are overlapped but it cannot prevent capsular contracture from happening.

Microthane implant is composed of silicone gel with foam covering it. When the implant goes into the body, fibers are made around the implant. These fibers make the capsular contracture, but these fibers are largely dispersed therefore there is no thick or hard contracture.

The smooth type silicone gel implant that we usually use can lead to formation of long fibers that make the contracture. This leads to higher possibility of capsular contracture.

Then why has not microthane implant become popular although it came out in the 1960’s? It is still not widely used today. Cancer causing substance was found during animal testing. It caused cancer on the animals. This result prevented the usage of microthane implants on human. Many testings were carried out since proving that it was not dangerous to the human body that led to wide usage in Europe. But, it is still prevented in US. In Korea, microthane got approved by the FDA and now it can be sold here.

While the microthane implants were not approved to be used, the manufacturers contemplated a lot on how to prevent capsular contracture. One of the solution that they came up with was textured implant. Textured implant has bumpy shell on the outside. The biggest difference of textured implant compared to microthane is that the tissue cells cannot grow into the textured implant. So it is not as difficult to separate the implant from the tissue cells although the implant is stuck like a velcro. There isn’t that strong stickiness between the textured implant and the epidermis. This is why the textured implants are used a lot ever since it was manufactured. As of I know, the textured type is used more in our country compared to the smooth type one. The textured implant has better effect in preventing the capsular contracture? we cannot say like that.

Textured implant was manufactured in the 80’s and the micro urethane implant in the 60’s, therefore the micro urethane implant has longer history. Textured was made a little later but became popular quickly. Many doctors today are still contemplating on what is the advantage of textured type implant.

The usage of the implant depends on the trend, therefore the doctors tend to think differently as new findings come out. This might lead to some confusion on the patient. Anyway, the best implant in controlling the incidence of capsular contracture is polyurethane implant.

Then what are the disadvantages of polyurethane implants? There is always a bad thing when there is a good thing, vice versa. All things are equal. There is no one product that is all good.

The disadvantage of micro polyurethane implant
The exterior surface of the implant has net line foam on it therefore, the size of the implant gets bigger. If we have same 300cc implants, it is easy to put in the silicone type one but it gets difficult to put in the polyurethane type because the area is much bigger. Also the surface of the polyurethane implant is more resisting compared to the smooth type therefore it is not easy to slide in the implant to its pocket. This is why we need to have a bigger incision for the polyurethane type although we use the same volume (cc) implant and this also leads to bigger scars. This is the disadvantage of the polyurethane implant.

Another disadvantage is that the microthane implant is very expensive. The cost of making it is expensive but the price is really related with its unpopularity. Not many patients want this implant therefore the price cannot be lowered. Mass production is necessary to drive down the cost, but it is rarely used here in Korea, therefore, the price is considerably high.

Then when should we use the microthane implant? We rarely recommend it to the patients in the first breast augmentation surgery. We recommend microthane implants when we need to do breast revision surgery due to the repetitive incidence of capsular contracture. Let’s say that you have a severe case of capsular contracture after the original breast augmentation. Both the doctor and the patient may be concerned that this could happen again. Using microthane implant would be the good solution in such case.

Silimed is the company that produced the most micro polyurethane implants around the world and it has been doing so the longest. There is another company called Polytech. We can use Polytech products in our country but not Silimed’s. But once these companies get approval to sell the implants in our country, the competition may drive the price down along with the surgery cost as well.

Microthane, i.e. polyurethane breast augmentation implant can be a good substitute when you have problem with capsular contracture. It can be recommended by the doctors to the patients who have much concern with capsular contracture.

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