Breast Lifting surgery Korea - Is it meaningful to use implants on sagging breasts?

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There are those who just want to take care of the sagging or there are those who want to take of both sagging and volume. There are also some who want to take care of sagging and contraction.

Those who are interested in correcting the sagging and increasing the volume have had to deal with breast sagging after giving birth as they lose volume in the breasts as well. There are those who go on a severe diet that leads to loss of volume as well.

Pretty looking breasts need both rich volume and shape therefore sagging correction and implant augmentation are both necessary.

But of the patient has much volume and sagging breasts, she would only be interested in the correction.

Let’s look at the various cases that may arise.

If you have a small volume, you would consider implant, not concerning the sagging degree. If the sagging is not severe, we can make the breasts look less sagging with the use of the implant.

I think that I have stated this before. If you use just the implant (stable implant, dual plane), you cannot lift up the breast. The implant can help the skin stretch out so that there are no wrinkles on the breasts. But is the sagging is severe, the implant does not provide any visual help. You would need correction (that result in wound) and you would only need to use the implant.

If you have large volume breasts then there is no need to use the implant and the patients also do not want to use it. Contraction is done and at the same time lifting is applied. In most cases, contraction leads to the lifting of the breasts.

It is not easy when the volume is moderate. In this case, the patients do not know what they need to get. If the volume is moderate, and you have minor case of sagging breasts, then it is better to use the implant. Lifting causes wounds therefore, using implant is less resistant by the patients and it is also cheaper.

What if you have minor level of both volume and sagging breasts. We need to decide whether you would need both enlargement and correction or you would just choose one of them. There is not one right answer. If you want large volume, then you would need the breast augmentation. If you just want the sagging to be correction, then you should just get the correction done. If you want both so much, then you can get both.

So the key question that I raised, is using the implant meaningful or not, is not something that is easy to answer.

But the breast augmentation and correction methods are different on those with sagging breasts and on those without. There are more things to consider when we conduct breast augmentation on sagging breasts. We have to improve on the sagging with the usage of the implants. This is where we apply dual plane procedure. We removed the point of interaction that becomes loose and make contact with the implant. The new interaction with the breast cell and the implant would avoid the sagging. But this is not applicable on the severe sagging breasts.

Also all sagging breasts do not have volume on the upper side. The implant needs to fill up this upper side of the breasts therefore, the implant needs to be stable in shape. We all this “shape stability”. Allergan’s Style 410 is one of the most shape stable implant. There is also Mentor’s anatomical type, Silimed’s both anatomical / round type that are stable in shape. All these productions have FDA approval as well.

There are also many sagging corrections according to the degree of sagging. Simple incision around the areola or incision on the bottom of the breasts, T-shape incision on the bottom of the breasts, and etc. There are various methods that could be applied.

Today, we looked at how implants can be used for the sagging breasts and somehow we got to cover more than necessary. This is all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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