breast lifting surgery korea - vertical incision mastopexy

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breast lifting surgery korea - vertical incision mastopexy

I have shared previously that the breast lifting surgery methods are different according to the degree of sagging. Today, I would like to share about the breast lifting(mastopexy) method when there is both composition and skin layer sagging.

We can conduct this procedure with or without implant.

There are various ways to design incision but the best ones are areola incision and vertical incision.

There are many who do not like the vertical incision, but this incision cannot be avoided when correcting both composition and skin layer sagging. Also, if you have sagging breasts, you have less elastic skin that results in less scars as well.

Those with clear incision scars tend to be young patients and those who did not give birth. The more elastic the skin is, the higher the chances that the scars would be worse.

Therefore, there is no reason to avoid vertical incision more the clear the sagging is. Also, it is the only way to lift the breast.

Breast lifting surgery Korea KIES-U

The above image is the breast lifting design for vertical incision. The areola and the nipple composition gets lifted upwards helping to correct the loss of elasticity and the sagging. But the focus should be in lifting up the actual composition of the breast.

Mastopexy breast surgery Korea

We need to cross connect the bottom part of the breast as if we are threading our clothes and lift up the actual composition of the breast.

We need to move and lift up the sagging part when there is a such degree of sagging in order to solve this. Please remember this.

Breast surgery Korea KIES-U

You will be able to understand how the sagging breasts are corrected when referring to the image above.

‘Lifting’ has a fixation point, and this fixation point that withstand the weight supporting is lifted upwards. (Face, neck lifting)  

There are cheekbones and temporal fascia that act as a supporting mechanism without any movement. This can act as a fixing point. But there are fat all around the breasts and these fat are not firm. It is difficult to have a fixation point.

Therefore we need to change the state of the breast tissue in order to apply the lifting method. The result of the procedure is very satisfactory except for some really difficult procedures.

Today, we talked about the vertical incision method for breast ptosis. Thank you for reading.

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