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My augmented breasts do not look good after pregnancy, can breast revision surgery make them look better?

Today I would like to share about augmented breast before getting married that led to change in the shape of the breasts after pregnancy.

There are many of those patients who want to get breast augmentation revision surgery and this number has increased a lot from the past.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but mainly it is because there are many of those who get breast augmentation these days.

There is no real need for the patient to get the breast correction done because of what the patients feel about their breasts but there are some cases where you must get breast augmentation revision surgery.

Some of these cases are,

- Collapse of saline bag type implant
- You got you breast augmentation done before marriage, but your augmented breasts start to sag and change shape after giving birth
- Asymmetric breasts
- Shift of implant location
- Capsular contracture and other problems that got to do with feeling
- Rippling, etc

First, I would like to share about breast ptosis.

Sagging breast is divided into breast gland ptosis and breast skin ptosis. One is severe than the other in most cases.

Then how does the breast sagging happen with implants?

It depends on which plane the implant is in and how thick the capsule is formed. If the implant is under the pectoralis muscle like the image below with strong capsule, then the implant would be trapped when the breast gland sags leading to that dropping down look of the breast.

If there is enough capsule then such shape would not be formed. Such case can mean that implant placement below the pectoralis muscle is not good.

Below image shows the implant above the pectoralis muscle. In such case the implant sage down together with the breast gland. The breast skin becomes thinner after breastfeeding and this is why the implant is placed on top of the pectoralis muscle, but the disadvantage here is that you would be able to touch and feel the implant.

So the best solution would be to apply dual plane as the below image shows. The implant is not trapped by the muscle and the implant would not lose its natural looking shape because it does not sag down together with the breast gland. Some part of the implant would be covered by the muscle therefore, if you lose breast fat, the implant would not be felt as much.

What can you do if the breast looks weird like the image shown above? The answer is already there. Apply dual plane method and open up the capsule at the bottom. This is relocating the implant and it is much easier than you think. Areola incision or inframammary incision is recommended. The skin loses elasticity after giving birth, and this helps to limit the scar during correction surgery and also makes the scar go away easily.

If you applied dual plane or above the pectoralis muscle in the first surgery, but the breast gland and implant are sagging down too much, what can you do? In such case, we need to conduct breast ptosis correction(sagging breast surgery).

We need to gather the fat on the bottom part of the breast and lift it up together with the implant to make the breast look better.  You should remember that there is not much scar made because the skin loses elasticity after giving birth. If you have the right planning and surgical method for the correction, you would have great results at the end.

This surgery requires pullling up the breast together with the implant therefore replacing the implant is not always necessary. If you want to change the size, then you can replace the implant but in most cases you do not need to do anything to the pocket in order to perform the correction.

Today, we looked at how we can improve the breast shape and look after pregnancy.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

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