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Today I would like to share about asymmetric  breasts that are sagging as well.
Everyone has uneven breasts. There are various reasons for this.

The first is because the heart is on the left side therefore the left chest sticks out more than the right.. In same respect, the left and right bones of the body are different therefore both sides are uneven.

Second, is that the growth of both sides of the breasts cannot be the same. Your hands and feet are different and the same applies to your breasts also.

There are more people with asymmetric breasts than symmetric ones therefore, you can say that asymmetric breasts are rather normal.

You will be able to understand what I have shared so far, but there is one fact that those who have not experienced pregnancy cannot understand. After giving birth and completing the breastfeeding, your breasts tend to sag, and this degree of sagging is different from one person to another.

The degree of sagging and also the shape of the breast differ from one to another. Therefore, at times we must apply different methods in correcting both your breasts.

It is impossible to have same amount of breast milk provided on both your breasts. The amount of breast milk on both your breasts are different and the baby tends to like one side more than the other therefore the breasts shape different after you complete breastfeeding.

When we gather all these facts, we can conclude that the sagging is different on both your breasts, but the ladies tend to suffer much stress about it after completing the breastfeeding.

Let’s see what sagging breast really is. There is no academic standard for what sagging is but if one breast is about 2cm or more longer, we apply surgical method to correct the sagging.

Usually different methods are applied on both sides but we can also apply same method but end up with slightly different results.

How can we judge if your sagging is severe or not?

There are many ways to do this but first you need to look into the mirror and see how your breasts are located. If your breast gland is lower than the inframammary fold, then you can say that you have a severe case of sagging breast. If you cannot see the white skin under the breast than you need vertical incision breast correction.

Let’s say that your right is somewhat sagging but your left is sagging a lot. What can we do about this?

We need to pull up the left breast gland as much as possible. We can consider applying vertical incision breast correction. We need to pick a spot for the areola and first try to pull up the right breast gland in line with the picked spot for the areola.

As such, we can apply different methods for different degree of sagging breasts.

The above image shows a breast gland with much volume sagging downwards but the skin has much elasticity therefore the nipple is placed is the proper spot. We need to apply vertical incision breast correction for the breast in whole but we do not need to move the nipple as much.We do not need to use an implant in such case.

This is a case where both your breast gland and nipple are sagging. Vertical incision breast correction is necessary and we need to pull up both your breast gland and the nipple. It is possible to use an implant or not, but I do not recommend using the implant.

More sagging ; Less sagging
→ Vertical incision breast correction : Areola circumference breast correction
    Areola circumference breast correction : Dual plane breast augmentation
    Vertical incision breast correction : Dual plane breast augmentation

We can apply the same method but we can move by a little or more.

The image below shows rather an extreme case. The volume is not sagging much but the nipple looks to be sagging a lot. We can use an implant and make the nipple look higher so that it is not sagging.

Today, I shared about a rather difficult topic on asymmetric breast ptosis. I am sure that you can know what type of situation you are in just by looking at the images provided.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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