[sagging breast lifting korea] Plication mastopexy for mild to moderate breast ptosis

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Sagging breasts or breast ptosis is divided into two types of Nipple/areolar ptosis and Glandular ptosis..

Most patients suffer from these two types, and those with severe cases need to apply vertical incision lifting to experience positive result..

But what if the breast ptosis is not severe. Let’s say you are only suffering glandular ptosis or very small degree of it, and you are very young and still have some skin elasticity. In such case, you do not need vertical incision. You just need the lifting correction.

If you only have nipple/areola ptosis and do not have the glandular ptosis, then you would just need to fix the derma and change the location of the areola to have good result. Glandular ptosis need the lifting correction against the force  of gravity, therefore you need to use a technique that pushes up the breast to the wanted position.

Plication mastopexy that I want to share about today, is an effective method that leaves incision only around the areola causing no vertical scar and fixing the breast ptosis.

Incision must be done on the areola and we need to desquamate the outer skin and the glandular by separating the two.

Lifting will only be successful if the glandular itself is pushed upwards to the position that you want. Plication, as that of vertical incision method, is applied in push the glandular at the bottom part of the breast. We need to conduct overlapping suture on the upper part of the breast as if you are walking up the stairs.

We are actually repositioning the breast glandular in such as way that could make the breasts look better. Then we apply purse string suture and complete the procedure. This whole process is time saving.

The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it uses similar methods to that of vertical incision but it leaves no scars, and that it is time saving and less costly.

Overlapping technique results in minimum incision for lifting

The disadvantage is the you do not cut the glandular for repositioning but you only apply overlapping suture and lift up the breasts therefore this lifting effect may not last a long time. Also, we do not reduce the fat tissue so your breasts might look very flat. However, this method is a very popular no matter what the disadvantages are.

Different methods are used for breast ptosis according to the patient’s age, skin elasticity, sagging degree, breast weight, etc. Not one method can be effective for everyone.

Therefore, it is best that you talk to your surgeon to find the best method to your problem.

This is all for today. Have a great day.

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