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The advantages and disadvantages of endoscopic-assisted breast augmentation surgery.
Today, I would like to share about what many patients are curious about, breast augmentation in Korea by endoscopes. I'm going to try to talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

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1. Why do we use the endoscope?

General surgery, obstetrics, urological surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurological surgery, all widely use the endoscope. The reason can be put as ‘minimum incision’ and ‘minimally invasive ’.

Many patients are afraid of surgery, so it would be better if we apply minimal incision and desquamation. Thus, the use of the endoscope has become widespread because this goal can be achieved through minimum trauma on the patient.

In the end, the endoscope has been used in the area of plastic surgery as well, but at least in the case of breast surgery, the purpose of the endoscope is different from that of the other.

First of all, this is not a minimum incision. And it's not even minimally invasive.
So, in breast augmentation, the use of endoscope is somewhat ambiguous. If you use breast implant, the incision size would be the same whether you use an endoscope or not. The incision can be even small without the use of the endoscope in blind operation spots (less visible places) such as the ancillary or the belly button.

It's not even minimally invasive. Breast augmentation requires putting in the implant and in order to put in this implant, we need a certain size of the opening. Whether you use the endoscope or not, the scope of the surgery is going to be the same.

Then, why do we use the endoscope? It is to know something for certain in breast augmentation surgery.

Of course, we need to conduct the surgery properly in order to reduce swelling, discomfort, and pain, but the most important thing is to see less visible places properly and accurately in order to conduct the surgery.
There's no certain situation where you should not use the endoscope. We can have good results in breast augmentation eventhough we conduct blind operation. The reason why I use an endoscope is to check whether I have done incision and desquamation properly and to see what's happening in there. It is really important if you apply partially submuscular plane.(i.e., if you place prostheses underneath the pectoral muscles).

2. Is the use of endoscope essential?

I've been using endoscopy for seven years, but when I get asked, I can't answer it easily. There are still many people who are still in the middle of the world doing so without endowments in breast augmentation. The doctors who use endoscopy are not necessarily a majority, but rather a minority.

It cannot be said that the usage is essential. Nevertheless, I'm using an endoscope to perform surgery. After a blind surgery, I somewhat feel insecure. The surgery requires visual aid, but I have not seen anything properly therefore I feel insecure.

In fact, I don't really like the blind surgeries of all kinds of surgeries, not just breast surgery, but eye and nose surgery as well. And this is a kind of behavior that a particular surgeon might have. I think it's a good idea to see if there is nothing wrong after the surgery.
There is no reason to argue that the surgical procedures that have traditionally been performed without an endoscope are wrong. There needs to be studies that clearly state there is a statistically significant difference in excessive bleeding, inflammation, contracture, and other complications when using or not using the endoscope, but there is not such data.

Endoscopy is not essential. You should not criticize the surgeon who does not use the endoscope.I think this is a matter of inclination. But I use endoscope in my surgeries. Experience is important in medical science but it is also important for the surgeon to see what he/she is doing properly.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of endoscopic surgery?

The advantages of endoscopic surgery are
- Less trauma on the patient
- Reduce bleeding
- More visible
- Accurate desquamation

The disadvantages are
- Expensive
- Time consuming
- Difficult to react quickly on bleeding or other problems
- Difficult to perform correction or re-surgeries in certain situations

4. What's the best way to get surgery? 

You should not think that you will get the best possible result because this clinic uses endoscope. The usage depends on the surgeon’s attitude.
I use the endoscope always for axillary incision but I cannot say that other doctors who do not use endoscope are less successful than I am. We should not use such information for marketing as well.

How carefully did the doctor look at the patient? How well, how much experience do you have as a doctor is more important than the tools or implants that you use. Such do not bring about big noticeable differences in the surgery.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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