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Conditions for resulting in successful breast surgery - Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

I have read a newspaper article regarding underwear company that released statistics on underwear sizes for women that came up through a project.
It was unexpected that there were more Korean women in the 20's who had size C cup than A cup.

This new statistics is radically different than the one from the past. Also the fact that those in 20's had larger cup size compared to older adults had led to a conclusion that the breast augmentation surgery has become popular.

Breast augmentation has become this popular but there are studies on the satisfaction, recorrection, and complications that can arise from entities in US and EU. It is difficult to find such statistics in our country but we have identical breast augmentation methods to that of US and EU therefore, I think that the problems and complications that arise in the two parts of the world can also be applied to those patients in Korea.

The satisfaction rate after the breast augmentation is rather high. People are satisfied with the results but there are some claims due to minor problems.

Most of the complaints are about the size, asymmetric breasts, and sense of touch. It is mostly satisfactory, but there are some things that could have been better. Such findings are shown a lot in cosmetic surgery magazines and they can be found at our country as well.

The most common complication is not the capsular contracture but the mispositioning of the implant, and being able to feel the implant. I would like to share what things we can consider in order to have non-regretful breast augmentation surgery that leads to pretty looking but no pain of whatsoever.

First, you need to know your body.
You need to have interest in your body and try to find accurate information about it. Such people are on 1 out of 10. Other 9 of those patients are more aware of the advertising products. This can be found easily with younger women. The shape of the breast, bird chest, etc meaning your bone structure must be considered. If you have center of the chest sticking out, you would need to think that the breasts might look too much separated apart when the implants get in. If you have a bone sticking out at the top part of the breasts, then breast augmentation may lead to upper block sticking out. In such case, you might have to consider anatomical implant which not too large size in order to minimize any complaints that you have after the augmentation.

Subcutaneous fat i.e. the thickness of the soft tissue. ; If you have much fat on the upper body, your body lines would not be clearly visible after the surgery. There are complaints related with this also. If you have much fat in the upper body, your soft tissue is thick therefore, when the implant is put in, there is a less chance of rippling and you being able to feel it. So it might be better if you use larger sized implants.

In opposite, if you do not have much fat in the upper body, you would have great body line after the breast augmentation but you could also suffer from rippling, being able to touch the implant, unnatural looking breast line and other problems if you use large sized implants. If you are one of such, then it might be better to get rid of that greed for larger size.

Second, you need to be clear about your goals.
There are many patients who do not know why they want to get the breast augmentation done. It is rather meaningless if you just think that making them bigger is good enough. There are certain values that each patient wants from the breast augmentation. At times, these values coincide one another.

Perfect shape
Natural feeling
Large size
Correcting sagginess
Correcting structure
Correcting shape


These are some goals that you might want to solve. You need to prioritize the list and let the doctor know about it. It is important to share such values wanted to the doctor.

Third, you should select an implant that has been verified.
It is difficult to select an implant from variety of the products that we have in Korea today. About 6 years ago, say in 2011, there were only 2 products that we could select from. There are about 8 manufacturers now that is leading to some problems. In order for the doctors to recommend which implant is good and say which is not, we need to use the products for about 5~10 years.

But in reality it is different. "This product was released last year. It is new." Such statements are worrisome.

When a new car comes out, people go on a test drive and wait for the reviews to come out. Saying that something is new for a product that is to be put into your body, cannot be an advertisement. This fact should be something that disqualifies the product from your choice. It only seems that the new product should be tested on your body. The doctors can only recommend those implants that have been in the market over time with much researches and results published. If you narrow down the choices in such a way, there isn't many that you can choose from.

Fourth, you need to trust the medical personnel and depend on them with the surgery.
It is important that you ask difficult questions, share ideas and question about the treatment to the doctors. There are some accurate and specific facts that the patients must be aware of as the overall procedure takes place. Also, it is not wise to be 100% reliant on the doctor. However, you should not leave a perception that you "do not trust the doctor." It is because the doctor will take that he/she must take all the blame for even a very minor problem therefore would think their way out of it from the planning stages.

If you want the best possible result for the patient, there are many things to make decisions on before the surgery and at times the doctor needs to be forceful about those decisions. Therefore if the  patient does not trust the doctor, the doctor would self-defend as much as possible.

"I told you that this method would have been better. Why didn't this patient agree to my decision?" can be a statement made by the doctor.

In oppose, "This patient trusted the medical personnel and also communicated a lot. So, I did my best to come up with the best result possible." The medical personnel with such thought would perform better on the patient.

Today, I shared about few things that you could consider before  breast augmentation. Hope the details have helped you.

Thanks a lot.

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